5 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Water Balloon Catapult

Water Balloon Catapult

Rather than buying expensive Catapults, you can either create your own DIY Water Balloon Catapult very easily. All you need are some tools such as latex tubes and duct tapes.

The Water Balloon catapult is a neat DIY idea and is also loved by the kids because of the water balloon drop game. These ideas can help in transforming a dull weekend into a less dull one.

In this guide, we will discuss a step-by-step guide to create your own DIY Water Balloon Catapult. This guide will provide you with all the information related to Water Balloon Catapult.

Steps By Step Guide to Make a Water Balloon Catapult

To begin with, you will need some Latex tubes or surgical tubes. You will also need some duct tapes for sticking the tubes and a Scissor.

Step 1: Making the Tube Loop

Making the Tube Loop

Firstly, you must take out the six-foot latex tube which you can easily get from any of the hardware stores. Then, tie both the ends of the tube together and cut off all the remaining parts.

Step 2: Duct Tape Side Handles

Duct Tape Side Handles

Roll the duct tapes around the knotted part of the tube to make it in the shape of a handle. It will also help in keeping the knot together. Then, you must spread the loop out and find the opposite side, and then you must use the duct tape again to wrap it and make a matching handle.

Step 3: Creating the Duct Tape Pouch

Creating the Duct Tape Pouch

Now, it is time to create the pouch. For this, you must lay out some strips of duct tapes that are slightly overlapped. It is recommended to put a mat underneath the tubing so that it sticks to itself properly. Now, repeat the same process on both sides. Then, to make it look more like a pocket shape, you must scrunch the top and bottom of the pouch a little bit.

Step 4: The Pullback Handle

The Pullback Handle

To create the pull-back handle, you must lay down two long strips of duct tape facing up and then put two shorter strips over them. It is recommended to keep the two ends overlapped to make the handle sturdier.

Step 5: Try It Out

Try It Out

Now, you can launch the balloons, but you will need two friends which are required to hold the side handles. You just must put the water balloons in the pouch and pull back the handles to the maximum distance. The greater the pull-back distance, the longer the balloon will go.

It is recommended to shoot the balloon at 45 degrees, if done correctly the balloons should flow far.

Final Words

It is very easy to create your own DIY Water Balloon Catapult. As you have seen above, all you must do is to follow the steps carefully and you are done.

It is better if you add a zigzag pattern in your handle using the duct tapes, it will help in providing more grip while holding.

This is all about this guide, we hope you find it helpful. If you think we have missed some important detail related to the guide, then you can tell us by commenting down below.

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