5 Tips for Sewing Jeans That Everyone Should Know


Sewing jeans can be fulfilling and intimidating at the same time. Unlike other materials, jeans can take longer to sew and complete and this can be overwhelming especially if you’re not used to the process.

The set-up of your sewing machine may need to be changed every now and then depending on the space and your mood, thus making the whole process a little bit tiring but there are some time-saving tips you can learn to help you change all that.

With that being said, sewing the perfect jeans takes skills and keenness and this article will discuss 5 tips that everyone should know. Keep reading…

Make a muslin

When making a pair of fitted jeans, this is arguably one of the most important steps. You should read the instructions keenly since the techniques you’ll be using aren’t the ones you used regularly when doing other projects.

With muslin, you get the chance to practice before cutting the main fabric thus minimizing the waste and making sure the end product is perfect. Muslin allows you to make mistakes thus allowing you to know where you need to rectify and get it better with the next pair.

When using heavy thread, redouble the needle tension

The needle’s tension is directly affected by the thickness of both the fabric and the needle. As such, you should sample this before topstitching the jeans so as to not have the needle tension as too loose as this will result in loops formation on the underside.

The tensions should have no visible knots. Making some test samples will help before going for the stitching of the final piece.

Use the normal thread in your bobbin

Using a heavy thread will result in twisted mess with crooked tension. If you’re using the regular sewing machines, this is very common since they do underperform when heavy thread is used in the bobbin as they are not optimized for such.

To avoid the predicaments, it’s advisable to use the regular thread in the bobbin so as to have a perfect topstitch at the end. If you’re using a sewing machine for jeans, then a special bobbin must be available for heavy threading.

When topstitching, utilize an edge presser foot

To stitch evenly with ease, a presser foot with an edge guide will really be necessary. This allows you to support the blade guide besides the edge and then do the stitching. Many modern sewing machines come with this kind of foot which you can make use of when sewing your perfect pair of jeans.

Shape your back pockets with paper press templates

A paper press template is essential when you’re sewing the jeans’ back pockets. This should be the same size as your finished pockets to help shape them up. Pockets are very important o keep your money, rocks worth money, and cards. You should press the seam allowances all-around the template and this will give you perfectly shaped pockets that have accurately shaped corners.


Sewing jeans isn’t that hard especially with these tips and practice. As you grow in experience, you will enjoy the process and increase your output with beautifully done results. Always watch the grainline to prevent against cases of twisted legs especially if you’re making skinny jeans.

The grainline should be correct and this can only be achieved right from the cutting process. With these tips, we hope you can enjoy sewing your jeans easily and perfectly.

Sandy Jensen
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