6 Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Tips

A technician replacing the windshield on a passenger car.

You just noticed a chip on your car windshield, and you probably think no one will notice, so why bother repairing it?

What you don’t know is, even the smallest chip could cost you much more if you delay repairing it. It could even cost you your life if you’re not careful.

Here are six tips to follow if you want to avoid your glass chip leading to big problems in the future.

1. Examine the Severity Of The Damage

Once you determine damage to your vehicle window glass, the first step is to examine the extent of the damage. The size of the damage, its severity, and the location of the damage will determine whether you’ll be repairing or replacing the window in its entirety.

A minor auto glass chip calls for a simple patch-up, and anything past that, a total overhaul. Deciding this early will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and expenditures. However, know that choosing to mend rather than to replace extended window damage jeopardizes your life as well as the lives of the vehicle occupants.

2. Do Not DIY

Fixing a windshield or window glass is not a trial and error experiment that you should DIY. It’s tempting, especially considering the costs and the time it takes the expert to have it ready. But doing it yourself risks making the problem worse than it already is because it’s not like looking for valuable rocks in your backyard. You’re also risking the safety of others in the vehicle if you mess up.

If your windshield needs fixing, reach out to a professional near you and let the experts handle it. In any case, they can do a far better job than the DIY YouTube tutorial you found.

3. Do Not Wait

It doesn’t matter how minor the chip or crack is; the important thing is to seek repair services as soon as possible. A chip might soon turn into a crack if left to grow. You can avoid replacing the entire car glass by seeking auto glass mending services early enough when it’s still a chip.

It’s all about taking preventative measures before the problem escalates and becomes more costly than your initial estimate. It will only cost you a few hours and a few dollars.

4. Research Before Going into a Repair Shop

While we don’t recommend repairing the glass as a DIY job, we do think you should carefully research which glass your car needs based on how old your vehicle is and your vehicle’s make and model.  This way, you can find a professional that offers glass for your specific vehicle and also know exactly what your vehicle needs going into the process.

5. Don’t Compromise on Service Quality

Look for an expert on windshield replacement and repair –  your car’s life depends on it. Low-quality repairs and replacement break easily. You don’t want to bring the car back in for service shortly after the windshield was supposed to be replaced because it wasn’t repaired correctly.

So it’s best to save on these expenses by finding a reputable expert in repairs and replacement. Look for an experienced professional with a reputation for quality and tools that give the best assistance. Don’t overlook things like warranty and customer service.

6. Handle with Care

Last but not least, a newly replaced or mended car window is like a newborn – handle with utmost care. The adhesive that holds the car window in its place is weakest when fresh. So, don’t subject the car to extreme conditions that include heavy water or rugged terrain. Avoid potholes at all costs.


Sometimes life throws annoying obstacles at us that we must address right away; what better example is there than a chip in your windshield?While you can’t control this situation, you can act quickly and choose an expert for repair or replacement.

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