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Choosing Bathroom Tiles: A Complicated Task Simplified


Choosing bathroom tiles is very stressful as it mainly reflects the beauty of one’s taste and preference. Also, sometimes, a piece of tiles can express your personality. So, it is essential to make a perfect choice while choosing the tiles.

But, no matter how easy it is to talk about selecting the best tiles, people often get overwhelmed to pick the bathroom tiles in enormous designs, colours, sizes, patterns and materials. Besides, it needs to be durable, easy maintenance and, of course, beautiful. Sounds complex, like finding rocks that can be exchanged for money. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you approach it correctly, as shown below.

The colour scheme of bathroom tiles

The colour of the tiles to decorate the bathroom is the most crucial factor as it will set the tone for your washing space. The traditional colours will always be popular in terms of bathroom interior. They bring a sense of brightness and lightness into the area. Combine it with the shiny glaze mirror reflection, which will visually widen the room. The contrast combination of white and black, on the contrary, brings a timeless outlook and can ensure every possible interior. To get a distinctive decoration, use the concrete-look porcelain tiles. It will automatically bring a rustic, cosy and minimalistic environment to your bathroom.

The tile shape and size

The shape and size are also important things to consider while selecting the tiles. Whether your bathroom area is big or small and you choose the traditional square or rectangular shape, it is still necessary to select a well-proportioned dimension. The look you get by using the rectangle tiles for the big wall will not be the same as the look of a small rectangle wall. Thus, when choosing the bathroom tiles, try to avoid being a little too conservative. Anyways, suppose you are not too fussy about classic shapes and want to go for something non-traditional with complex geometry. In that case, you could choose something like a traditional mosaic pattern and install them with a pre-designed alignment.

The dimension of grout

While grouting is something, many people forget about, getting it right is essential for the practicalities of a modern bathroom. At first, you need to choose the role which the grout will play in the installation. Choose a thin line grout to make it merely a backdrop and back seat in the settings. For colour, grout has so many options. But, you can’t just go for any colour without thinking about the consequences. For example, while dark grout can create spots over time, whitish makes the dirt more visible. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the consequences before choosing the grout.

While thinking strategically about the aesthetics, don’t forget to choose the best-quality bathroom tiles. In the end, the bathroom is a functional space just like your hot tub that needs to help get things done, not creating maintenance issues. Porcelain stoneware tiles can be an excellent investment as they are durable, long-lasting, and charming at the same time.

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