What Can You Do with Old Photographs?


Photographs are how you capture special moments in time, and even if you don’t think that some of them are the most flattering images of you, they can still bring a smile to your face when revisiting those memories while sipping wine on your patio. Although you might intend to do things with the photos you take, they often remain stored on your phone or computer, or perhaps you even have some old printed version lying around the house?

It would be a shame to see these moments lost due to an error in your computer or because they have been damaged or lost when moving house, so think about the following options to make sure you’re getting the most out of your old photos.

Create a Physical Photo Album

Yes, you can create photo albums on your social media profiles and even have digital versions saved on your computer, but nothing beats flicking through the photos of a physical album that you hold in your hand. Many companies specialize in putting together your photos in an album for you on a digital platform and then printing them out, Blurb is a great example of these services. However, you can still buy photo albums in stores for any old photos that you have lying around the house, too.

Make a Collage

If you don’t mind cutting up some of your old photos, you could even get a little creative and make a collage out of them. Some you can keep fully intact, but cutting them up into fun shapes and making them fit onto a canvas that you can hang up in your home could be an ideal way to pay homage to good times from the past. It’s also a great opportunity to get rid of any unflattering images of you if you want to!


This is similar to creating a photo album, but scrapbooks tend to have other additions rather than just photos. It could also include tickets from a concert you went to years ago and had the time of your life, with the photos from the event on the same page. You could add notes or letters that loved ones have sent you in the past or postcards from a favorite holiday. Whatever you choose to include, it’s a great way to salvage old photos and put them on display.

Turn Them into Fridge Magnets

This is another option that you can do via digital platforms like the photobook, as a lot of companies that offer those services will print your photos onto magnets, mugs, and other useful items. You could even do this will old printed photos, too, if you don’t mind doing a bit of DIY crafting. This could be a fun activity to do with the kids or a group of friends on a rainy day.

Put Them in Frames

The simplest way to give your old photos a true home is by purchasing some lovely photo frames for them. Whether they will stand on your side tables and shelves or frames to hang on the wall, this is one of the best ways to display photos of the people and moments that you love the most.

If you have photos stored in a box somewhere in your garage or outdoor storage or taking up space on your computer, consider doing any of the following with them to make sure those memories are never lost.

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