8 DIY Compost Bin ideas You Should Work on if You Love Nature!

8 DIY Compost Bin ideas You Should Work on if You Love Nature!

If you plan to compost and look for some ideas for compost bins, you are in the right place. And if you are here by chance (rare possibility), I request you to start composting.

If you are a gardener or even have a backyard, composting is the best way to increase soil fertility. For proper composting, you will require a compost bin.

If you do not have a backyard or garden, hang on! Composting is about adding nutrients back to the soil and a process of effective waste management.

You can still compost and maybe utilize the compost for indoor plants or maybe even sell (or donate) the compost! Moreover, composting is environmentally friendly and helps in creating a difference from regular waste management.


Composting BasicsComposting Basics

Composting is the process of breaking down the organic matter in the nutrient-rich soil. You can use this compost as a natural fertilizer for your plants. Moreover, it also aids in effective waste management and makes their disposal eco-friendly.

Here is a list of the usual materials which you can compost:

  • Vegetables and Fruit peelings and residuals,
  • Leaves and Flowers (if any),
  • Grass cuttings and Plant prunings,
  • Coffee grounds and Teabags,
  • Paper and paper products, cardboard egg boxes, and eggshells
  • And many more!!

So, there is no doubt that comparing is the best and even somewhat comfortable. But we would require something to hold our compost, which is why we will discuss DIY compost bins.

These DIY compost bins are easy to build, and materials are also readily available. You will hardly require any tools for building the compost too.

Mostly we will try and use recyclable material, the ones which are of no use. You can use them in your DIY compost bins, which would aid the environment-friendly endeavor (of which composting is a part).

Personal Note

I am sure everyone must be tech-savvy or at least assume themselves as one. Still, I believe that to save and restrict mother nature’s adverse effects, each and everyone must pledge to be environmentally savvy. I reckon composting and DIY projects are some of the significant steps in it. Just look around yourselves and observe the amount of waste you generate. Even if you halve the waste generated (by you), you can surely make a difference.

To lower the amount of waste you produce, composting and DIY projects come to your rescue. As you must have noted down the composting materials mentioned above, you must have surely noticed that plastics, fibers, glass, and metal are absent. You can use these materials in innovative and useful DIY projects.

Composting takes care of food and other organic waste, cardboard, and paper products. Moreover, if you buy fertilizer or manure for your gardens, then composting can reduce the cost of buying them. Using the compost generated from your household waste is environment-friendly and heart soothing (because you toiled hard for the compost).

As you must have understood composting, its process, and the advantages associated with it, it’s time to move to our topic ‘DIY Compost Bins.’ I am sure once you go through the DIY compost bins, you will make the right choice. So, let us begin without any further ado.

DIY Compost Bin ideas

1. Coffee Can Composter

Coffee Can Composter

This idea is not exactly a DIY compost bin but a very effective composter. You require a coffee can and charcoal filter (optional). That is it! You can store them quickly as they hardly take any space.

Also, they serve as back-up compost if you go for a more significant DIY compost bin. Another way to look at this composter is that it serves the purpose of indoor plants and the DIY compost bin serves the purpose for the garden or yard.

2. Storage Bin Composter

Storage Bin Composter

All this requires is a storage bin which must be hanging around your storehouse. Retrieve the bin, and you are ready to start. Preferably create an enclosure to avoid any mishaps and protect your composter from your children and pets littering it.

If you must buy one storage bin as a composter, then go for the one with wheels. It helps you move it around in your lawn/garden/yard.

3. DIY Wood Pallet/Fence Picket Compost Bins

DIY Wood Pallet/Fence Picket Compost Bins

If you want to DIY this compost bin, all you need is a cloth bin, wooden pallets, and some leisure/spare time for this DIY compost bin. This one is simple in design, hardly takes time, and budget-friendly.

4. Terracotta Composter

Terracotta Composter

I am sure that if you are into gardening, then you know about terracotta pots. They are very popular amongst the gardeners as plant containers mainly due to their aesthetics and the touch of elegance they bring into gardening.

The best part is that you can use these terracotta pots as composters. They act as a right composter aiding effective composting and provide aesthetics. If you employ the terracotta pots, then your garden/yard will look even more attractive.

5. Garbage Bin Composter

Garage Bin Composter

This DIY composter bin idea is the enlarged version of the coffee can mini composter. You require an existing garbage bin to either replace it with a new one or a spare one. Just pierce/drill few holes before you start composting. Ensure that you have chosen the garbage bin with an intact lid.

6. Tumbling Composter

Tumbling Composter

Tumbling composters have become a popular choice for many people in the past few years due to the tumblers’ ease of composting operation. Even if the previous composters do not have the tumbling facility, you need to mix the compost materials for effective composting regularly.

The tumbling composter has a tumbler, an additional perk, as it does the mixing very quickly. The tumblers are designed in such a way that you do not have to make efforts to mix. It would help if you flipped it around, and gravity takes care of the mixing.

7. Plastic/Wine Barrel Tumbling Composter Station

Plastic or Wine Barrel Tumbling Composter Station

Just consider this composter idea as an extension to the previous one. You can use your old plastic barrels stored in your warehouse as a tumbler instead of spending money on the new one.

You will need to work on it, and you can also use wine barrels if you can arrange three of them for the composter station.

The composter station will have three barrels according to their usage. The first one will be the barrel that holds the fresh compost material, the second one will be the one with a few weeks old composting materials, and the final one will have the end compost.

The main advantage of these composter stations is that you can generate an adequate continuous supply of compost.

8. The Kitchen Composter

The Kitchen Composter

If you do not have a garden/yard and still want to compost, this idea is for you! You can use any bin or bucket (do not forget to close it with a lid). You can store this composter under the sink. This composter idea is also useful for the ones having large composters as an accessory/secondary composter.


The best thing about DIY project ideas is that you can either choose one or innovate based on the ideas. Go for multiple composters and look for the ones which are easy to build and install, budget-friendly, and provide effective composting. Take the right decision and HAPPY COMPOSTING.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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