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Dr Lawn Vacuum Vs Cyclone Rake: Which One to Choose?

Dr Lawn Vacuum Vs Cyclone Rake 

Maintaining a lawn clean and beautiful is quite a tough job, especially in fall. The right pieces of equipment are needed to maintain a lawn.

Now, when it comes to equipment, most people get confused in raking. An analysis in mind starts on DR lawn vacuum Vs cyclone rake. 

Every other cleaning process that helps in keeping the lawn lively for next spring is important. But even more important than anything is raking.

Until you know how important it is to keep lawns clean and healthy in winters, you will not be able to make your decision for the right equipment in raking.

Why Is Raking Important?

All your cleaning and caring of the lawn would go in complete vain if your lawn will be covered with leaves in the winters.

It is important to rake the leaves off your lawn before the winters arrive. This is crucial because of many reasons.

Firstly, your lawn grass will not be able to grow in the next season if you leave the leaves on it. This will make the grass dead and will eventually ruin your whole lawn.

The most important things for your lawn to make it through the frost are oxygen and UV rays and your lawn will not get them in the presence of those leaves.

Also, the leaves will not even look good in your garden. They will make your lawn look dirty and dingy.

Now the two most popular pieces of equipment that come for raking are cyclone rake and Dr leaf vacuum. However, choosing between the two can be difficult.

So, here we have got you a complete breakdown of Dr lawn vacuum Vs cyclone rake. Keep reading and you will be able to decide your equipment at the end.

Dr Leaf Vacuum

Dr Leaf Vacuum

Maintenance and Features

Dr leaf vacuum is a trusted and respected brand in the market, and you can get this appliance anywhere online or at a good physical store. It offers leaf vacuum in two different styles- the tow behind one and the push mower.

DR leaf vacuums offer a variety of engine-powered vacuum machines that can suit every individual’s needs and requirements. DR leaf vacuums remove leaves and debris as they suck them all through a long and huge hose.

All this waste gets deposited into a holding tank. Also, these vacuums can cover even the smaller and thinner areas of the lawn. So that gives it a plus point.

Some of its vacuum impellers also have a steel impeller blade that chops and shreds your leaves and debris into a fine mulch. This is a beneficial process because the blade turns your 10 bags of leaves into almost one single bag of mulch. This mulch can easily by thrown or you can use it in your garden beds. 

With wet or long leaves, the hose may get clogged up occasionally. However, that is not much of a problem because you can disconnect the hose and straighten it to clear the clogs anytime you want.


The product ranges vary depending on where you buy it and which model you prefer. However, a good model hovers around $2000.


DR gives free shipping with an amazing free trial period of one year. Due to this, many people prefer buying DR leaf vacuums over any other equipment.

Cyclone Rake

Cyclone Rake

Maintenance and Features

The range of products that cyclone rake offers is huge, and this is one of the reasons it is as big a brand as any other. The ride-on leaf vacuums that this brand offers can be perfect in maintaining any kind of lawn, whether big or small. 

According to every individual’s needs, the smaller models of cyclone rake can be used by homeowners for their lawns and backyards. On the other hand, the big ride-on models are suitable for business equipment arsenal.

Also, the cyclone rake, just as DR leaf vacuums, offers the mulching of leaves and debris. So, both these products will give you the advantage of lesser wastage bags.

One important thing that you need to know about cyclone rake lines is that they do not reach small corners of any space. So, if your lawn has a complex structure where there are small spaces and gaps that need to be cleaned up, then it may get a little difficult for you to do it with a cyclone rake. If you do have such a complex structure to clean up, then there is no fight of Dr lawn vacuum vs cyclone rake.


The cost of a cyclone rake, just like a DR leaf vacuum, depends on where and when you buy it. However, it is a bit cheaper than DR, it costs around $1000 for a standard cyclone rake.


Cyclone rake ride-on leaf vacuums come with a free trial period of one year and a free warranty of three years. Due to this, both homeowners and business owners prefer to have cyclone rake vacuums.


After going through this breakdown of Dr lawn vacuum Vs cyclone rake, you probably must have gotten the idea about both the brands. The products of both lines have their specialty and uniqueness.

However, no product or appliance can have only pros and no cons. These products to have their cons. But a little adjustment can always be done.

Although, before deciding what you want to get, it is better to consider some aspects. Go through your lawn, that is, the size and structure of your lawn. The number of pathways or walkways that need to be cleaned up, the trees that your lawn has, the kind of leaves you will have to clean up and the number of leaves your lawn gets covered with, you will have to consider all these aspects.

This detailed analysis of your lawn will give you a deeper idea of what you need, and you will eventually be able to decide the equipment of your choice.

When you plan on buying any of these products, make sure that you talk in store about the warranty and details of each product if you are buying it offline, that is through a physical store.

If buying online, you can contact the customer service department and solve your queries. Whatever your source be, make sure that you get all the details of your product and its service.

Going through the financing options in detail is also important to get the best deal. Installments or monthly payment options can save you some money, so make sure that you also look at the prices and financing options for each product.

Moreover, both the products will save your time and energy when it will come to a clean and fresh lawn. These products are meant to relieve you from stress. So, keep in mind that you do not stress out in any kind while buying any of these products.

Whichever product you buy, if maintained properly, they will for sure give you great long-term results in future.

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