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Best and Free Landscape Design Software Tools – 2021 Reviews

Some Best and Free Landscape Design Software Tools - 2020 Reviews

Landscapes are one of the most beautiful places in the home. Spending quality time in the backyard gives a sense of tremendous satisfaction.

So, it is essential to plan the landscape and visualize how it looks after construction. There is various landscape designing software available on the internet, which you can use to design a fantastic landscape.

This article will discuss some of the best landscape design software you can use to design your personalized landscape.

Benefits of Using Landscape Design Software

Using Landscape Design Software can help in saving time, resources, and materials. The Landscape Design Software mainly helps visualize the elements added to the backyard to look more beautiful.

It also provides information about the entire cost of the material you want to use in your landscape, whether it fits in your budget or not. 

Some of the best benefits of using Landscape Design Software include:

  • The complete Landscape Design Software is digital and does not require any construction.
  • You can easily plan accurate and highly efficient landscape designs.
  • Budget Planning is also available in some Landscape Design Software’s
  • It helps in keeping updated with the latest trend in landscape designing.
  • It is beneficial for the landscape designers as it allows them to visualize the entire project very quickly.

Some of the Best and Free Landscape Design Software

1.  Designer Buddy

Designer Buddy is one of the best and free Landscape Design Software that is used by landscape designers. It is an Open Office draw file, which is the module of OpenOffice Suite.

Designer Buddy is built using the Open Office Draw program and helps create amazing 2D images. It comes with a layer tool, which helps move one element without disturbing other elements.

The Designer buddy can be mainly used to design home interiors and organization structures.

The main reason behind using software is that it is completely free and customizable. 

Some of the best features of Designer Buddy are:


  • Very Customizable Software having Scalability.
  • It is instrumental in placing different objects in different layers.
  • A vast library of plants, materials, and landscapes is inbuilt in this software.

2. ConceptDraw

ConceptDraw is one of the best open-source landscape design software, consisting of a massive library of gardening objects like trees, bushes, ponds, patios, etc.

You can easily create your customized landscape design in a few minutes using the ConceptDraw Software. There are also various inbuilt templates available in this landscape design software, which you can use.

ConceptDraw can help create a landscape using customized objects and placing them anywhere in the design. You can also move the grouped objects too.

ConceptDraw’s final design can be exported to different formats like HTML, PDF, Powerpoint Presentations, etc.

Some of the best features of ConceptDraw are:

  • It can be beneficial in creating professional landscape designs.
  • The massive library of ConceptDraw is beneficial in choosing correct objects.
  • It also comes with some pre-designed templates which you can use.
  • It is effortless to transform, rotate, and flip any object, or you can easily arrange them according to your need.
  • You can easily personalize the fonts and colors of the presentations and give them a fantastic look.

3. Kerkythea

Kerkythea is another best and free landscape design software that can be very useful while designing the backyard. It can be easily downloaded on any platform and create professional landscape designs without spending any amount of money.

It can be beneficial in creating a fantastic landscape in a minimal time. It has a straightforward user interface, including the material editor, render settings, real-time viewer, etc., and all the necessary tools required to automate the landscape design setup.

Kerkythea helps in simplifying the work in very little time and without degrading the quality of the design.

Some of the best features of Kerkythea are:

  • This software comes with a starting guide that allows non-professionals to create extremely professional designs.
  • It can be beneficial in creating a realistic presentation because of its powerful material editor.
  • The user interface of this software has a single interface for rendering. That is why it is straightforward to create the best landscape designs very quickly.

4. Lands Design

Lands design is another free and open-source landscape design software that you can easily create 2D and 3D presentations. This software can render 3D objects, too, so you can easily create a virtual tour or walk-through effect to make the best impression in front of clients.

This software has a massive library of all the different plants and tree designs, which you can use to create a fantastic landscape design. You can also add shadows in the trees, which gives a realistic effect to the design. 

Professionals can widely use the Land Design software because it can present the watering system layout such as sprinklers, irrigation pipes, etc.

Some of the best features of Lands Design are:

  • You can easily create curves, solids, etc., in the landscape design.
  • It has a massive library of more than 1800 plant species, so you can easily view how your garden exactly look like after construction.
  • It has capable of 3D rendering so you can accurately represent boundaries, terrains, etc.
  • You can easily export the final landscape design directly to AutoCAD.
  • It has a very easy and straightforward interface, which allows the user to create a professional design without any technical knowledge.

5. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is one of the best and free landscape design software that you can use to create flowcharts, processes, maps, etc. It has a very user-friendly interface and is mainly used by professionals.

It can be beneficial in creating a professionally landscaped design quickly using the inbuilt templates. It can be downloaded on any windows platform.

The Smartdraw can be easily integrated with most tools such as MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, etc. You can also use SmartDraw to create a graph-based and chart-based diagram.

Some of the best features of SmartDraw are: 

  • It has a massive database of more than 34000 symbols, which can be used in organization charts, flowcharts, etc.
  • An annotation layer is present in this software, which resizes the project to fit the diagram automatically.
  • You can use this software to import and export the project into Visio format.
  • This software can be easily integrated with file-sharing programs such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • More than 4500 inbuilt templates are available in this software, which you can use to quickly create landscape design.

6. DreamPlan Home Design

DreamPlan Home Design is one of the best software you can use to design professionals landscape designs and interiors of a room. You can use this software to design the 2D and 3D blueprint of your design easily.

It can be instrumental in visualizing the landscape design without constructing anything.

It is an entirely free landscape design software without any limitations, and it can be used on any platform such as Windows and Mac. 

Some of the best features of DreamPlan Home Design are: 

  • You can easily decorate your landscape according to your choices.
  • It can be beneficial to export 3D objects in the designs.
  • You can easily export objects from an online library to your landscape.
  • You can easily insert garden objects such as patios, gazebos, etc., in the design and determine whether they fit or not.

7. Terragen

Terragen is considered one of the best landscape design software, which is generally used by professionals.

It can be used to create extensive landscape designs that include some natural, realistic landscapes.

According to your need, you can easily customize the shades, shadows, weather, clouds, etc. Terragen is the only software in the list which can be used for the visual effects in filming. 

Some of the best features of Terragen are: 

  • It can be used to create beautiful and aesthetic presentations as it has high control over visual effects.
  • Graph editor is available in this software, which you can use to add shades and textures.
  • It can also be used to add maps and different heights to the design.
  • It includes more than 20 inbuilt plant models, which you can use to add to the design.

Final Words

We have discussed some of the best and free landscape design software. We hope that you have successfully found your best software which matches your needs.

I hope you find this article useful, and If you did, then do not forget to share it once, and if you have any doubts/questions regarding the topic, do not forget to paste them in the comment section below.

We will try our best to solve all your queries.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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