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GreenWorks Weed Eater Review – All You Need to Know

GreenWorks Weed Eater Review

We must say you do not enjoy trimming the grass that moves along with the fence. And of course, you do not like wasting several hours pulling weeds from your yard manually. Isn’t it relatable?

Now, you must be thinking that it is better to buy a GreenWorks weed eater so that you can save all your hard work and time. So, now you must be contemplating which one to purchase.

Well, there are several models available having different characteristics to select from. Sometimes, it is quite irritating to check the number of options and determine which one to purchase. In this article, you will get a GreenWorks weed eater review that will make your purchase decision simpler. 

Greenworks 24V 12" Cordless String Trimmer / Edger, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 24V STRING TRIMMER – Provides 20% more power and 35% more run-time to power through the toughest...
  • 12” CUTTING PATH - .065” line, auto feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • TRIMMER / EDGER (2-IN-1) – 90-degree rotating head with edging wheel. 3 position pivoting head for...
  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER – Allows you to control cutting speed on the go, so you can easily maneuver...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT / EASY TO USE – Ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for...

Various Things to Contemplate Before Purchasing a Weed Eater

Weed Eater

You must know about the item for sure rather than merely knowing how you can use it. Well, GreenWorks weed eater will not only do your job easier, but there are also low-budget options for people who do not have much to spend on it.

With time, GreenWorks weed eater is a famous option for business owners and homeowners as it is becoming easy to easy and less in cost. But it does not imply that you should make a quick decision to purchase a new one. It would help if you considered several options to get rid of useless frustration and remorse. 

Your lawn

You must be maintaining your lawn on your own if you have a small one. Some individuals do not see any harm in performing this in the event they are having a lot of time to pull weeds throughout the yard. But it would help if you considered that taking care of a yard needs a significant amount of strength and physical stamina. 

A GreenWorks weed eater is a perfect option for you if you do not have enough time and labor to keep up your yard. It is mandatory to contemplate the size of the weed eater that you can manage in this case also. Weed eaters are less or heavy. Some are easy to hold than others. 

Characteristics and Uses

Weed eaters have different sizes and shapes. Apart from these distinctions, these also differ in the way they are powered. Gas or electric-powered are the two significant sources of power for weed eaters. If you plan to buy electric-powered ones, then these will be less in weight, more fuel-efficient, and make less noise. 

Determine your Requirement

It will be simpler for you to determine one model in specific suits you are searching for by considering your correct needs and requirements. You must also consider the most mandatory feature that you want in the machine. It will help if you are looking for a distinct model if you value energy-efficient machines and not heavy-duty ones. 

They even do not create carbon emission, and so they are more straightforward on the environment. But, weed eaters that operate on gasoline can manage huge tasks and are more powerful. You will get to know all about the GreenWorks weed eater review in this article. 

Go ahead to look at one of the GreenWorks weed eaters – 

  • 120V, 5.5A Power
  • Four years Warranty
  • 15 inches Cutting Path
  • 05 lbs weight
  • Dual .065 in (diameter) line size

This 120V Greenworks weed eater is an electrically powered machine. It has a benefit because of its ease in contrast to other weed eaters. The device will require an electric beginning, and there is no requirement to blend fuel and oil.

It makes sure that it clears all the unnecessary weeds by being simple to use and less in weight. So, it is perfect for individuals who do not possess much physical strength.

When you compare this GreenWorks weed eater with others, this model is among the highest-rated eaters available on the market for its quality and cost. 

This GreenWorks weed eater is for individuals who want to maintain their yard independently and do not want to employ others to perform the task. It is less in weight and small, so it is not suitable for professional utilization and heavy-duty purposes. In general, it is suitable for small tasks and not for substantial land areas. 


  • No requirement of fuel and gas blend to run
  • Rapid to start
  • To trim lawn edges, it possesses an edging wheel
  • It is less in weight than most of the gas-powered models at 6.9 lbs
  • Versatile handle length


  • Does not possess extra line
  • Not every universal line will accommodate this GreenWorks weed eater
  • Does not enlarge sufficiently to manage with individuals having a tall height conveniently
  • The requirement of manually extending the line when there is a need for auto-feed tangles

Benefits and Features

GreenWorks Weed Eater

Every weed eater possesses some features and benefits that are ideal for the user. So, you must be thinking about what this GreenWorks weed eater gives the things. The machines by GreenWorks are prominent for simpler designs that perform for several people.

Well, to be specific, GreenWorks weed eater focuses on enhancing the power source and supply, auto-feed line, and cutting and shaft design. 

Greenworks 40V 12" Cordless String Trimmer, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 40V STRING TRIMMER – powers through the toughest grass and weeds.String trimmer operation...
  • 12” CUTTING PATH - .065” line, auto feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER – allows you to control cutting speed on the go, so you can easily maneuver...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for reduced user...
  • EASY TO USE – Push button start. Included 2.0Ah battery recharges in 60 minutes

5.5 Amp Power Supply and Corded-Electric Power Source

By simply pressing a push-button, this GreenWorks weed eater can begin to run and so it is straightforward to use. You do not have to blend fuel and gas, so you do not have to keep up like gas-powered devices.

The device will need to get plugged in as there is no requirement to think about battery life. You possess the extension cord’s length to work; hence it is perfect for small and medium-sized lawns. Because of the cord lock, the cord will not get disconnected from the weed eater.

Greenworks machine eater has a considerable power amount because of its higher amperage. It comes with 120 volts and a 5.5-amps power supply. This weed eater possess a tremendous amount of power for an electric machine, but it is comparatively less as compared to a gas-powered device

This GreenWorks weed eater gives an advantage to the environment as it does not generate much pollution. But it would help if you used it wisely as it can lead to increasing your electricity bill. 

Shaft and Cutting Path Style 

Having a swivel cutting head, it is the device that comes with a shaft in a square shape. These make it simpler to go for farther under items as straight shafts are quite beneficial in this job. You do not have to bend much as they also permit you to stand straight. The GreenWorks weed eater can’t of the region more proficiently as compared to a ced shaft. 

15-inches long is its cutting path. To edging, the cutting path’s pivoting head is there at the end. A clean edge line will be cut with the assistance of this GreenWorks weed eater. To fit distinct heights, one can adjust the shaft accordingly. Buy, the available extension is not enough for your requirements if your height is more than average. 

Auto-Feed Line

As you make use of it, this kind of design will permit the string in the GreenWorks weed eater to advance automatically. The automatic feed will be sending out the extra string when it gets shortened. 

It contrasts with the bump feed design; here, you must tap the weed eater head on the ground for string advancement. 

You will benefit from the automatic feed line as it permits you to focus on the grass cutting and does not put much stress on the left string. Along with this, your time will be saved as there is not any requirement to put a full stop to what you are performing to touch the weed eater head on the ground.

Without any doubt, this kind of design possesses a greater chance of breaking down, but they are quite prominent and famous. It implies that the solution is always there for any problem that can occur in the future. 

Reviews by Customers

GreenWorks Weed

Customers have liked this GreenWorks weed eater in general. The overall outcome is that the machine is user-friendly and less in cost. The customers like its electric-powered source due to which they must work less. Just because it is electricity-powered, customers love the amount of power offered by this GreenWorks weed eater. 

Well, customers do not like some things about this product. The feature of the auto-feed line is the major problem that individuals have discovered in this product. The motor does not work well because of its malfunctioning for some users. The user may have to open this and take out or wind up the string independently rather than get the exact length of the string automatically. 

Final Words

The most irritating part of having a property is the weeds. Weeds will be back regardless of the number of times you pull them. You can contemplate various solutions to get rid of these and maintain your area to appear neat and clean. One of the best ways to get rid of these weeds incorporates utilizing the GreenWorks weed eater. 

This weed eater is great for medium and small lawns with its clear guidelines and comfortable design. One significant advantage is that it will not empty your pocket and merely is less in cost. The device is energy efficient and does not make much noise, and these two factors are well-liked by the customers who have already bought it. 

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