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How Long Does a T8 Grow Light Lasts?

How Long Does a T8 Grow Light Lasts

Every gardener uses T5 or T8 grow lights in their garden for the smooth and healthy growth of their plants. When the season comes to plant seedlings, many gardeners purchase these T8 grow lights as these lights have a smooth and soft impact on the seedlings and that is why these lights are so important for the gardeners.

The most important question that arises for the gardener is when is the right time to change the grow lights?

The Basic Rule

The Basic Rule

Well, the main thing is that one should change the light on time so that it does not affect the seedlings badly. So, we have come up with a rule that will work in every case. Usually, manufacturers claim that their product can last longer and can be changed after 15000 hours.

However, it is not possible in all cases as few fluorescent bulbs could not last longer than 7500 hours. So, in any case, you will have to pay attention to the type of bulb that you are purchasing and see how long it lasts.

More so, the fluorescent tubes usually lose their charm and effectiveness after few months. And therefore, you will have to pay attention to the type of bulb that you are purchasing and keep an eye on how these bulbs are working and how often they are losing their effectiveness. Usually, you can start this monitoring process after 7500 hours as till that time they will be effective.

Average Rated Life

Approximately, the average rated life of a T8 fluorescent bulb is 7500 hours. Few bulbs can exceed this number can extend up to 15000 hours whereas some get damaged while reaching 7500 hours. So, it is not at all mandatory that one tube will last up to 15000 hours. It depends on various factors and thus, you should be attentive to the life of the tube.

In general, the average life lasts between 7500 hours to 15000 hours. So, one needs to be attentive enough to determine if the bulb is losing its effectiveness and if it is then you can change it.

T8 Bulbs for Vegetables

T8 Bulbs for Vegetables

As of now, we know that many gardeners depend on these T8 bulbs for their garden as these bulbs help their plants and seedlings to grow faster and quicker and are healthy and smooth. So, this is the reason why every gardener wants to purchase a T8 grow light for their garden.

Now, we will learn about how and why these T8 bulbs help the vegetables to grow smooth. When we will be using these T8 bulbs for growing indoor vegetables then it is quite important to set them up correctly.

They should be set up at some distance from the plants and vegetables so that they do not acquire all the energy from the lights, and they should not be placed too far also because if you will, then the plants and vegetables will not get the right amount of warmth that they should get from the T8 grow lights. Also, it should be kept in mind that these lights provide the signal through which the seedlings germinate.

Various types of seedlings are planted by gardeners and some of them require a huge amount of sunlight. In that case, you need to place the T8 grow lights near to them so that they can get the feel of the warmth of the sunlight through these T8 grow lights.

Those seedlings do not require much sunlight and can be planted far away from the T8 grow lights so that they could get the exact amount of light that is required for them.

How Long T8 Grow Light Lasts?

The average life of a T8 grow light is approximately between 7500 hours to 15000 hours but it depends on how you are using it. If you are using it daily, then there are chances that it might lose its effectiveness soon. But in case, the manufacturers tell us that it generally lasts longer than at least 7500 hours.

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