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What Plants Grow in Fluorescent Light

What Plants Grow in Fluorescent Light

In the modern world, there are various techniques have been introduced for plantation and farming, one of them is the usage of grow lights instead of the sun for doing indoor farming or plantation. There are various lights but the two most widely used are LED bulb lights and fluorescent lights due to which they are generally compared with each other with different approaches like LED is better than fluorescent, led vs fluorescent grow lights, etc. The most basic difference between them both is their structure and availability; fluorescent grow lights are readily available anywhere in the form of tube lights generally.

The fluorescent grow lights are effective to grow lights with very affordable and cheap prices in the market also they need to be maintained less as compared to other grow lights, they also provide proper spectrum to the plants for seeding as well as growth. Fluorescent lights emit less radiance on the plants as compared to other grow lights. They need to be placed very close to the plants for proper effect and proper substitution of sunlight. Fluorescent lights are the most widely used grow lights as they are one of the most affordable grow lights and are very easily available.

There are various things one need to take care of while using the fluorescent lights for growing plants, some of them are as it emits fewer lights, they need to be placed very close to the plants, the fluorescent lights fade with time so it needs to be changed after 12-15 months the old one can be used in other areas but it cannot be used as it lights reduces with time, the fluorescent lights should be used 12-14 hours a day for best results

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There are various plants that grow in fluorescents lights like the office plants tropical, plants and here some others are:

1. Sansevieria

Sansevieria is the artificial plant/house plant that is also known as the snake plant, there are a lot of varieties of this plant and it generally grows all across the globe, as it is an artificial plant people usually think it do not need water lights and essentials of growing but the fact is that it grows really slow that’s why it is a house plant, it needs very less light and water and due to which it grows ideal in the fluorescent lights, fluorescent lights have low light and it suits the requirements of the sansevieria and they are usually kept under these lights.

2. Pothos

Pothos is another house plant that can grow under fluorescent lights and also requires less water. The pothos is different from the above snake plant (Sansevieria) The snake plant is not running but the pothos plant is planted whose stems spread with time but their growth has a very less rate and it takes a lot of time to grow, also it does not require sunlight but giving them fluorescent light is ideal as it gives them warmth and low spectrum which suits best for their growth and developed lifespan. The fluorescent lights are proven very essential in the growth of these types of house plants.

3. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is one of the best offices and indoor plant, this plant is suitable for people to keep on the office desk and also many of the individuals believes that this plant is a sign of Goodluck, prosperity, and Goodluck. Aglaonema is also an indoor plant that grows slowly and steadily with the help of fluorescent grow lights, it merely needs some drops of water per day. Aglaonema is one of those house and office plants that needs very less light as well, it does not need constant light for growth, the requirement and maintenance of this plant are very low.

4. Blooming Plants Growing in Fluorescent Lights

Blooming plants are one of the biggest plant families with one of the widest range of plants, flowering plants, and indoor plants. Many plants in the category of blooming plant are indoor plants and almost all of them are grown with less water and needs very less light and the merely needs sunlight for growth as they have grown lights, as these plants don’t need much light for light so most of the time fluorescent grow lights are used as a substitute of the sunlight. Fluorescent lights are used in most cases of blooming indoor plants and indoor flowering plants.

5. Tropical Plants in Fluorescent Lights

Tropical plants are a group of plants with a wide variety containing different flower plants, herbs, shrubs, medicinal plants, indoor plants, etc. Some of the tropical plants generally need high water quantity but less sunlight, these types of plants can be grown with indoor farming or indoor plantations, as it does not require a high amount of sunlight the fluorescent lights used for these types of plants to provide low spectrum through which these plants can grow properly.


The fluorescent light is widely used in the indoor farming and gardening sector, it is mostly used in office /house plants that need less light and spectrum and all these factors suit the characteristics of fluorescent lights.

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