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How many CCS do I need in a Gas String Trimmer

How many CCS do I need in a Gas String Trimmer

Gas string trimmer is commonly also known as weed eaters or weed whackers. A gas string trimmer is one of the most powerful tools when you want to trim the areas in or around your house that are beyond the reach of lawnmowers and lawn vacuums. The edges of your lawn are a sign of crisp beauty and this equipment assists in making the edges better and giving them a manicured look.

When it comes to buying a machine, there are multiple options available in the market and that is why it is necessary to know as much as possible about the product.

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Power and Size of the Gas String Trimmer

The string trimmers of this category use small but powerful engines that are powered by gasoline as you can guess from the name of the equipment. The engines are measured by cubic centimeters the acronym of which is ccs. These engines are usually rated between 20 and 30 ccs and the same might differ either by smaller or larger units.

To make it user-friendly and give control in the hands of users, the engines are located on the top end of the trimmer shaft. The trimmer also comes with cutting heads that can trim between 15 to 20 inches in width.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the size of this equipment is over 5 feet if you are already comfortable with this kind of machines then you will love it, on the other hand, the new users might a tentative difficulty.

Features of Gas String Trimmer


The most effective feature of string trimmer is that anyone can use it and it doesn’t ask for much effort to get hooked up with the process. However, some models can be better than others, it’s better to do your homework before investing in the trimmer to get the best model at the best price. You can check the Husqvarna 324l review to be sure about the product.

Best Brush Cutter

The brush cutters make it possible to trim along the long straight places with their wing-type handles and this way you can flaunt beautiful hedge lines. In many models, you will find a blade in a brush cutter instead of a line to implement the cutting.

Choice of Shafts

There are two types of trimmers, one is straight shaft trimmers and another one is curved shaft trimmers. Straight shaft trimmers can easily go to places where curved shaft trimmers might not reach but curved ones are cheaper than straight shaft trimmers.

Use of Gas String Trimmer

  • Once you are done with the lawn mowing and vacuuming, then this instrument comes into the picture to show its magic. It is a great instrument for properties that have a number of trees which require regular pruning.
  • You can easily trim the sidewalks and fences as well.
  • The lawn or your property will be blessed with a complete look after the trimming is done using the gas string trimmer. It makes your garden look beautiful.

Safety Concerns

  • Make it a compulsion to wear eye protection and ear protection.
  • Don’t forget to add gloves and heavy boots to the list
  • When you get a model that is blade-capable, your instrument will come with an extended “J” handlebar.
  • Never should you use a string trimmer to cut the grass around the base of trees especially the ones that are yet in the growing process.

Select a model that will suit your need the best and keep browsing for more of such amazing blogs.

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