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What is the Best Sprinkler?

A man watering his lawn with a hose, searching for the best sprinkler

A beautiful lawn is only possible if you have the right irrigation system, with so many different models available in the market.

This could be a challenging task. We will help you choose the right sprinkler for your garden needs and also reveal some of the crucial factors that need your attention.

One of the overlooked factors of sprinkler heads is their adjustment.

When you know how to adjust sprinklers according to your needs, the rest of the process becomes seamless.

Let’s get started to find out the best sprinklers available!

Some of The Factors in Choosing the Right Sprinkler

Before we deep dive into the topic and help you choose the best sprinkler for your needs. These are a list of factors that you must notice before making your purchase

  • Size of your lawn: if your lawn has a specific shape, then choosing a rectangular sprinkler is the best idea. Since you have limited space, such small sprinklers would fit your needs. On the other hand, if you have an irregularly shaped lawn, then a large sprinkler might be needed.
  • Pressure Of The Water: Different sprinklers have different water output capacities. Some plants require delicate watering, and some need excess watering. So, choose a water pressure that you can monitor at all times. Having the knowledge of each plant and their watering requirement will help you solve the issue
  • Coverage: There are a plethora of sprinklers in the market that promise entire lawn coverage, but in reality, they fail to do so. If you are unsure about the product, consult a professional to help you make the right purchase. Coverage is different for various sprinklers. Some have fixed patterns, while some come with adjustable pattern
  • Efficiency: During dry seasons, your soil needs the most moisture, while in the winter season, you can limit it to once per week. Look for sprinkler systems that can be adjusted with the seasons. This will help you not to underwater the plant or damage the plant due to excess water.
  • Sprinkler Type: There are colossal sprinklers that are present in the market. This means you have a wide selection of impact, rotary, oscillatory, and stationary sprinklers. Make sure that you know your garden well so that your choice of sprinklers gets integrated with your lawn needs

Different Types of sprinklers

1. Stationary Sprinkler

A stationary sprinkler spraying water on a grassy field

They are made with high quality but are also affordable. They come with a prebuilt pattern and, hence, are most suitable for rectangular gardens. Some of the pros and cons of this item are stated below :


  • They are available in every store.
  • They have a simple learning and installation curve.
  • They are best for garden owners with small lawns.


  • The water coverage area is limited.
  • Bad option for large-shaped lawns.
  • If broken, it may need complete replacement.

2. Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers: a device that sprays water in a back-and-forth motion to water lawns or gardens

They come with horizontal bars and have multiple openings present in them. With the help of these openings, they can operate back and forth, which gives them a fan-shaped pattern. Some of the pros and cons of this lawn are stated as follows :


  • The sprinkler can be adjusted according to the range of the garden.
  • They are suitable for medium-sized lawns.
  • Even watering can be seen with this sprinkler.


  • They are sensitive to harsh weather conditions.
  • The materials of the sprinklers can be damaged beyond repair.

3. Rotary Sprinkler

A rotary sprinkler spraying water on a lush green lawn

They come with free-flowing rotating arms that provide a circular or semi-circular spray. They are one of the most used sprinklers for large lawns. Some of the pros and cons of this sprinkler are stated as follows :


  • The coverage is beautiful, and hence, large lawns may benefit from them.
  • Large and small grasses are covered with even watering.
  • It can be used for a long period.


  • High pressure might be required for using the sprinkler in full efficiently
  • The precision might be off sometimes.

4. Impact Sprinklers

A tripod with an impact sprinkler spraying water in a garden

They are characterized by a single set nozzle that rotates while it operates. The coverage is excellent and best for large lawns. Some of the pros and cons are stated as follows :


  • The display spray is highly adjustable.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Noisy while operating.
  • Maintenance every month is required.

5. Traveling Sprinklers

A lawn mower with a hose attached, designed for Traveling Sprinklers

These sprinklers follow a specific path as set by their purchaser. They are mostly found in expensive lawns where gardeners want perfection.


  • The area of coverage is high.
  • Operated automatically using a horse pipe.
  • Regular or irregularly shaped lawns are best suited for it.


  • Expensive than the rest of the sprinklers mentioned above.
  • A horse pipe is needed for the operation.

6. Pop Up Sprinkler

Pop Up Sprinkler watering a grassy area

These are sprinklers that remain buried in the ground. Once activated, they have an automated spray pattern that provides uniform coverage


  • They remain extremely discreet, and they are not in use.
  • Extremely good for irrigation systems.
  • Spray patterns can be adjusted according to your convenience.


  • Installation can be extremely costly.
  • It can be cloned or damaged when not maintained every week.

7. Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses in action sprays water on a green field

These come with porous holes where water gets swept gently. Gardeners bury this under mulch, and they are seen once they are activated. They are used for deep watering:


  • Extreme water can be given to the roots.
  • Minimises waste wastage.
  • Dense plants benefit from it.


  • Careful maintenance is needed.

Final Takeaway

No matter what sprinkler you choose, focus on one goal, which is having a thriving garden with no damaged plants. Based on your lawn and watering needs of the different plants, select the sprinkler according to your taste and budget.

From traveling sprinklers to stationary sprinklers, whichever you choose will be the perfect fit for your garden since each one has its unique build and comes with its own set of features.

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