How to Clean Any Type of Floor? Top No-Sweat Tricks

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There is an easy way to make your floor sparkling enough rather it is of your house or enclosed patio. and this is possible if you follow these top no-sweat tricks. These tips work for laminate to natural stone flooring. There is no need to break out your knees and keep on scrubbing brushes on your floor. You can follow these guidelines and give an incredibly cleaning job to your floor.

How to Clean a Hardwood Floor?

Take a bucket and mix a quarter cup of mild soap with water in it. In addition, take a microfiber mop so that you can quickly clean your hardwood floor. You can see the best results if you do a barely damp mopping. By doing so, your floor will be able to dry faster. It is better to follow this tip once a month. On the other hand, if you have got a waxed wood floor, then make sure to avoid doing damp mopping and instead try sweeping or vacuuming regularly your waxed wood floor. Lastly, we can use construction takeoff services or the homeowners can perform an estimate to determine how much it costs to clean and maintain a hardwood floor monthly.

How to Clean a Laminate Floor?

A laminate floor hardly gets damaged because its planks are generally constructed completely in sun and light-resistant layers. This property maintains the overall look of laminate flooring and manages to give it a like-new as well as lush appearance for years and years. Moreover, to maintain such a floor, make sure to keep water away from getting below the planks. It is recommended to go for dry mopping or vacuuming your laminate floor.

How to Clean a Cork Floor?

This floor material is highly susceptible and vulnerable to water damage. In addition, this flooring is extremely absorbent, for the reason that most of the cork flooring type remains to stay sealed. To properly clean this floor, it is suggested to vacuum it to prevent scratching. Besides, wipe up spills as soon as possible and keep washing this floor once a week. Avoid using commercial cleaning products and instead make a home-made cleaning solution. Experts have suggested preparing a vinegar-and-soapy-water solution.

How to Clean a Bamboo Floor?

We all know that bamboo flooring is a sustainable flooring type. At the same time, it is comparatively more vulnerable to nicks and scratches. If you have got strand- bamboo flooring, then do not worry about its cleaning and maintenance because it is the hardest as well as most durable flooring type. However, you have to remain extra vigilant if you have installed other kinds of bamboo flooring. To make a home-made solution for cleaning bamboo floors, you can mix ¼ cup of mild soap in just one bucket of water. Make sure to swipe this mixture across the bamboo floor and use a barely-damp mop in this case.

How to Clean a Vinyl Floor?

A vinyl floor needs a regular cleaning job. It is suggested to clean such a floor once a week. Experts have come up with an exclusive home-made cleaning solution recipe that can make your vinyl floor fresh looking. Take a 16-ounce spray bottle and mix 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 drop of dish soap as well as some warm water. Next, pour this mixture in the spray bottle and spray it on your floor and further mop it with the help of a damp microfiber cloth. This kind of floor needs periodic and deep cleaning jobs and you need to get a flooring estimate first in order to determine the costs. You can even use a steam cleaner for removing stains from it.

How to Clean a Natural Stone Floor?

Cleaning this floor with vinegar is the biggest blunder that one can ever make. Vinegar is an acidic liquid and it can severely damage your stone floor. In the same, avoid cleaning this floor with ammonia and bleach. If you have got a sealed stone floor, then it is recommended to mop it with some non-chelating cleaner. Such a cleaner does not react adversely and maintains your floor’s natural look as well. You can do the mopping with a microfiber cloth

More no-sweat tricks on cleaning floors are coming up, so stay with us. Readers can share their experiences and thoughts regarding how they clean their flooring.

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