How to Protect Your Eyes If you are Spending a Lot of Time in Front of Screens?


Spending too much time before the laptop or mobile screen is one of the biggest dangers the young generation faces, leading to severe eye issues in their middle age.

It is vital to take care of your eyes from the first day you start your job before the system by taking proper precautions. Doing regular eye check-ups, using good quality screens, and setting the lighting in the room will always help.

Continually educate yourself about eye safety measures while using the system for too long and follow them diligently with self-discipline. You can also take some time off and build a garden of your own to be around nature.

Go for a regular eye check-ups

Whether you are a gamer, student, or office goer, check your eyes once in six months if you have more than three hours of screen time every day. You might be playing games, chatting, or doing an important project – the key is to keep your eyes safe by preferring blue light blocking glasses.

Screen time automatically reduces our blink rate by more than half, which causes eye irritation, watering, redness, dryness, and several other issues. Always follow the instructions given by the physician and take proper care of the eyes to avoid these minor problems getting complicated.

Check with an ophthalmologist regularly whether your eyepoint has increased and wear the prescribed power glasses or lenses. There are online stores for prescription glasses fast delivery and supply of high-definition lenses in the shortest possible time. The stores provide both prescription and regular glasses at affordable prices.

Use the necessary equipment

Always use artificial tears if you use the system for more than eight hours a day, and limit the time spent on your mobile when you get home. It will prevent the eyes from getting dry because of too much screen exposure and keep its eye nerves cool.

Check the moisture level in the room by adding suitable desk humidifiers to balance the moisture stuck out of the room.

Try to use high-resolution screens in your system and avoid simple glass screens which create lots of glare. If possible, use extra filters or projection screens on the monitor to protect your eyes better.

Good eyesight is a must for people whose livelihood depends upon the system, and it is a must to take care of it in every possible way.

Pay attention to the brightness

Learn more about the system screen settings and play with the brightness to adjust it according to your eyes.

The thumb rule is to keep the illumination and the lighting in the room nearly the same and avoid too much contrast. From Gmail to regular websites, many apps give you a chance to switch between day and night mode.

Use the monochromatic mode whenever possible to give your eyes a change from the bright white screen and colorful images. If you have to work with extremely bright images and websites or apps for several days, try to wear a powerless protective glass for your eyes and stare at terrariums after every hour for 2 minutes to relax your eyes.

Educate yourself about the brightness and contrast, and use the settings that do not require you to shrink your eyes or cause headaches quickly.

Maintain distance

Maintaining a safe distance from the system is vital to avoid the light hitting your eye cornea directly. It is enough to sit at an arm’s length from the monitor, and people usually do it while working, leaning on a chair. But we tend to get too close to the screen while watching videos or playing games, unconsciously affecting our eyes.

Make it a habit to place the laptop at a certain distance while watching various series and sit at a safe distance when playing games. Games often spend hours before the system and get lost in their quests, ignoring their eye safety. It is essential to use an alarm that diverts you once in a while to pull back to a safer distance and take a break for your eyes.

Do eye exercises

The 20-20-20 rule prescribed for the eyes requires you to take a break from the screen, mobile, laptop, or desktop monitor and even television screens once in 20 minutes.

Do simple eye exercises prescribed to freshen your eyes at that time once a day or twice. Look around for five minutes at your colleagues or the outdoor scenery before you resume your game or work.

This regular break is necessary for your eyes and brain to bring you back to the ordinary world from the virtual environment.

Teach children the 20-20-20 rule when they start using mobile phones from a young age. Install apps that turn off the mobiles for some time if they continuously watch videos or play games.

Educate them about the harms of using too many devices and the drastic pressure it creates on their delicate eye nerves. Educate yourself and your colleagues and peers about the same, and try to take uniform breaks for eyes to chat with each other and relax.

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