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Importance of Pest Control During Winter


The first freeze signifies a time to breathe a sigh of relief. It is supposed to be a break from the bugs for a few months. Unfortunately, bugs not being visible is not a sign that they are not present in or around your home. They, like you, seek refuge from the colder temperatures. It is important, despite the weather changes, to remain vigilant with pest control year-round.

Where Do the Bugs Go?

If you cannot see the bugs, where are they? In the summer, it is easy to know where they are. You can see ants crawling along the seams of your home from rick of wood, or hear the flies zipping around your head. However, in the winter they go into hiding. They seek refuge anywhere warm they can find, such as attics or inside trees. Many pests will spend this time breeding and waiting for warmer weather to reappear.

What Bugs Move Indoors?

Some bugs can survive outside, but arthropods require the external temperature to assist in maintaining internal temperature. They cannot create their own heat; therefore, you can expect spiders, ants, and roaches to nest inside your warm house when the weather outside is cold. If you see even one bug inside your home, it is time to call a pest control company to take care of the others in hiding. They are social creatures and love to invite their friends to seek refuge in a place they have found safe.

Where to Hunt for Pests

You know they are there, but where do you find them? Pests are creative and will not hide in the common locations of your home. If you have a lot of activity in an area, they will hide somewhere else. They want to find a nice, quiet location where it is dark and safe. Therefore, most spiders and other pests are found in pantries, closets, outdoor toy storage and basements. The pantry is a favorite location because not only is it dark, there is ample food source. You must check your pantry regularly making sure you rotate your food, but also ensure it is sealed. Bugs are not the only pests that enjoy food storage locations, as they are also great hiding places for rodents.

Preventing Infestations

There is nothing worse than doing nothing during the winter months and then finding your home infested in the spring. Prevention is necessary year-round and is something you can do. The initial step is eliminating any easy food source you can find. Seal all food in containers, and place seasonal clothing in vacuum-sealed bags. Bugs and rodents look for any place to hide, so clear out clutter regularly. Finally, make sure you never leave trash in your home for a long time.

However, there is one step you cannot do on your own. Hiring a professional pest control company to service your home during the winter months prevents infestations from occurring. You want to remain vigilant with routine servicing, so pests remain outdoors where they belong. When you let time elapse between treatments, vermin begin to breed. Therefore, contact Majestic Pest Control today to maintain a safe home without unwanted tenants.

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