Is Traditional TV Still Worth It? Cord Cutting Guide for 2022


There was a time in the past when cable was a must. It was the one and only way to keep up with your favorite series and news. There was no Internet – if you missed an episode, it was gone or you had to wait until funny AM to see the replay. If you missed the news, you had to ask your neighbors about them.

Cable is no longer the main source of home entertainment. There are multiple streaming services out there – some of them specialized in particular fields. For example, if you only care about sports and news, there are definitely some services out there to help. Movies? Check. Series? Check. Shows? Check. Music? Check. You name it – there is a service out there.

Now, is traditional TV still worth it? Here are some aspects to think about.


Prices for cable TV can skyrocket, based on what channels you want. Movies and especially sports can even double or triple your subscription unless your favorite time pass is to play on a trampoline. The price of cable has gone up by about 5% on a yearly basis, easily outweighing inflation. The slight price increase is not that bad, but you simply cannot see what else you are getting extra – pretty much nothing.

On the other hand, a simple subscription to a streaming service will cost a few times less. Even if you get more subscriptions, the good news is you will get the latest shows and movies out there, live sports and music. It costs less and it gives you what you want on demand. Talking about saving money, you might want to check out this article where I present 10 easy & cheap DIY tips to revamp an apartment.


Now, cable gives you hundreds of channels. It is hard to believe you will get more variety and choice from a subscription service – you are less likely to. However, you will mostly stick to less than 10 channels for your favorites. Most others are irrelevant. When it comes to subscriptions, things change a little because value for money is higher.

In other words, while there is not as much choice, deciding on the right streaming services will give you just what you want. The value for money is quite high. Combine the subscriptions in a smart way and you will have your favorites only. After all, why would you pay for stuff that you never watch? You probably have no clue what all the channels are about anyway. With streaming, you can watch anything you want and don’t feel forced to pay for channels that don’t interest you. You can stream the latest Netflix show or watch NFL games with the press of a button


This is often debatable. Television fans will choose cable. But then, web streaming services aim to choose quality over quantity. Streaming services try their best to keep the competition high and draw more customers. From this point of view, they pour a fortune into developing new shows and series – including award winning releases.

Black Mirror, Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards… And the list can go on. Movie makers have also noticed the incredible growth of streaming services, so they have jumped on this trend as well. Simply put, it feels like the cable has been left behind. Sure, you still have the news and a few exclusive shows, but this is pretty much it.


What can be more annoying than spending 3.5 hours to watch a two hour movie? Ads are so annoying – every 20 minutes, you need to spend five or 10 minutes watching random ads about medication, chocolates, stores, smartphones… You name it. Streaming services do have ads as well. But then, there is a catch.

First of all, these ads barely last a few minutes. Second, they are relevant. You will see ads to future shows, new releases, movies and so on. You will not be bothered with the same ads about chocolate mints or medications for constipation and if you are sitting on your enclosed patio, worry is not even an option.


Finally, more and more people choose to cut the cord because steaming services provide flexibility. You need a screen and Internet connection – nothing else. You can watch such shows or movies on your smartphones or a smart TV. If you get a device like an Amazon Firestick that provides instant access to an endless amount of movies for free. Basically, you have to log on to your account – nothing else.

With cable, this level of flexibility is gone. Sure, you can watch TV in your living room or your bedroom – perhaps while taking a bath too, if you have one of those posh bathrooms. Going abroad? Going on holiday? You can forget about cable. It is location based and not account based.


Bottom line, cord cutting is a trend these days. It is time for evolution to kick in – on demand TV is the new big thing. Visit cable tv data statistics to learn more and make sure you do it smartly and wait until your contract is over to avoid unnecessary fees. Make sure you do it smartly and wait until your contract is over to avoid unnecessary fees. Many times, these fees tend to outweigh the money you would normally have to pay until the end of your contract.

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