How many of you use sorting bins or laundry hampers in your laundry rooms? This is something that I would have a hard time managing my laundry without. like my big lawn without the best zero turn mower. I can understand for those of you who do not have the room to have them, but many times you can make the room, even when you don’t think you have it.

Why use Sorting Bins?

Instead of bringing all your dirty clothes down and throwing them in one big pile, you can sort your clothes into color groups that you wash. I have 7 hampers. Whites, jeans, reds, light permapress, dark permapress, towels, and extra (misc – like pillows or delicates).

I bring all the laundry down and sort it. Then spend the next day or so getting it completed and enjoy in my best above ground pool.
Sorting Bins

I don’t have the space.

My laundry room is not a very big room at all. But I made room, by pushing my washer/dryer all the way up against one wall. That gives me the space to put 4 of them down one wall. Then the other 3 sit out into the middle of the room in front of the washer & dryer. (I have changed it up just a bit from this pic. I did have 5 down the one wall, but when they worked on my washer/dryer I haven’t been able to get them push over as far as they had been & I can only fit the 1 white one in the back).
Make the space

Basement – Some of the homes I have had I made it work. I had one house with my washer & dryer in the basement. In that house it was easy, I threw down a few rugs and used my laundry hampers as “boundry walls” of my laundry area. This was a zone the kids stayed out of while playing and it made me feel like it was my own space.

Closet washer & dryer – I also had a house that had a washer and dryer in the upstairs hallway. It was just in a folding closet. What I would do is to have my hampers & I would stack them when not in use. I had room in my bedroom closet to keep the several hampers stacked when not using. Then on laundry day I would get those out and use them in the hallway to sort my clothes. As the hamper was empty I would simply stack it inside another one & would reduce how many were out.

Another option would be to use the hampers in each person’s bedrooms. Just have them bring their laundry hamper out of their room full of their dirty clothes. Dump all the clothes out and you have your empty hampers to now use as sorting bins for the day.

There are folding hampers that can work but I don’t like them for long term. I think you need something sturdy that will hold up. I have also tried the ones that have like 3 netted sorting hampers that fit together with a PVC pipe kind of thing. I do not like these. They are always falling apart. If you want to use something like this, then I would suggest paying a little more and getting something made with sturdy metal that won’t be falling apart.

I think using sorting bins will make your laundry day go much easier