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Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower Review

Review of Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower

Snow Blowers should be bought way before the snow starts to fall, and this electric blower right here is a perfect choice to remove average-sized snowfall from your driveway, backyard, or anywhere else.

It is not costly, comes with an effortless electric start, and weighs 37 pounds. It would help if you had a perfect blower for winters to choose one, and the snow fills your driveway, leaving no place to walk.

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What more does one want than to have a blower that starts quickly, collects the snow from every direction, and does not let any damage come in your way?

Let us look at the features, styles, and review of the Power Smart Electric Snow Blower –


Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Blower

Let us look at this snowblower’s details, which will help you make an informed purchasing decision.

13 AMP Electric Motor

13 AMP Electric Motor

This snow blower includes a 13 AMP electric motor, which is the same as two ¼ horsepower, which means you will have a tremendous amount of power good enough to mow your snow in just one round.

The snowblower collects the snow and throws it 30 feet away from the chute, which is very far. It uses a 120-volt plug, which helps the motor function at its maximum power, and proves that no matter the size, the job should be done quickly.

The bonus benefit is that it can run if you want it to, which means you can cover a larger area of your house in one single go.

Rubber Tipped Steel Auger

Rubber Tipped Steel Auger

To resist the small motor this blower has, you need a still auger to help it hold up.

Steel is quite strong and durable and is an excellent choice for your garden’s or driveway’s maintenance tools with a long lifespan.

This tool’s function is to lift the snow, pass it through the chute, and throw it out of your path at an excessively high speed.

The rubber tip protects it from digging into any uneven path and protects it from any sharp objects lying around in the driveway.

Wide Cutting Width

Wide Cutting Width

This snow blower has an 8-inch cutting height, having 18-inch width, that can collect a large amount of snow in one go.

Most snow blowers do not collect so much snow in one go and have 12-inch width rather than 18. It is lightweight, which means you can even use it on decks or roofs.

Because of its 18-inch width, it also helps cut down your time on clearing the snow out. This is an essential factor because you do not wish to spend hours cleaning your driveway before heading off to work.

With this blower, you will be able to cut half of your time.

180 Degree Adjustable Chute

180 Degree Adjustable Chute

With most blowers, you can only move in one direction, but with the 180-degree adjustable chute, you can move in other directions as well, collecting snow from everywhere in no time.

With this feature, you can blow the snow in whichever direction you want it to go. It also acts as a safety feature by not allowing snow to come in the direction you want to cause any damage.

Electric Motor

An electric snow blower’s benefit is that you do not have to pull a cord to start the motor. All you need is to plug in, turn on the switch, and you are ready.

This is an excellent alternative for all those who have had trouble starting their blowers or with the cord.

 Older adults or those with arms or shoulder pains also face difficulty while pulling the cord, so this is a great advantage for them.

Double Safety Switch

This blower comes with a double safety switch, helping you to start mowing with a push of the button. For starting this blower, you need first to grip the lever and then push the button.

This helps you from accidentally bumping against the startup button, which happens in most of the blowers. 

It also stops the engine when you pull the lever after completing or before for safety reasons and ensure that the auger has stopped to avoid any damage or any other thing coming your way.

Foam Coated Handle Grip

The foam coated handles on this blower help reduce the pressure while you mow and keep your hand protected from the force you put it.

Unlike metal handles, which can make holes in your hands, especially while you push with force, these foam coated handles help distribute an even force that makes you comfortable enough to mow.

It helps you to have a firm grip on the handles, even if you have slippery hands.


This electric snow blower comes with a one-year warranty by the company wherein you can repair any part of the machine damaged for free.

Although it makes sure that there is no manufacturing defect in the blower provided to you, however, if anything comes out, you can always ask them or use the warranty within a year.

What People Have to Say About This Blower

This snow blower has undoubtedly received much praise and has become a top choice to buy when it comes to blowers. It has been rated high and with comments like “surprisingly powerful,” “lightweight,” and “easy to maneuver.”

There have been significantly fewer complaints from this snow blower, making it a top priority to buy in winters to clear out the heavy snowfall.

The complaints were major of some broken parts or parts that came broken when delivered, which was later taken care of by the company with no cost at all.

A few other complaints were of it not working on a wet, hefty snow amount, which is something gas-powered blowers are good at since they have less powerful engines. However, this complaint tells us that this snow blower is made for specific types of climate.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver, which is something better to be felt. It allows you to move around and collect snow quickly.
  • It has an easy startup by plugging it in and pushing the button instead of pulling up a cord.
  • It handles the snow very well, with less time and fast speed. It collects the heavy snowballs, passes them down the chute, which throws them away.
  • With its engines, it is the mighty one of the most influential electric snow blowers you can buy and is currently at the top of the market.


  • The foam coated handles are a bit low for people who have tall. So, if you have a tall member in the house, it might be a little difficult for them to maneuver.
  • Although you do not have to pull a cord while starting does not mean that it is cordless. And there is a chance that the cord might come in the way of your mowing. However, it only happens the way you mow it.
  • The parts on the blower, which are plastic, may start to wear down and break, and however, if it is still in warranty, you can always get a new fresh pair.
  • The blower might not be good at handling wet snow, but the dry snow can easily pass through.

The Power Smart DB5023 Electric snow blower has a powerful 13-amp motor, 18 inches width, which helps to toss your snow 30 feet away, an adjustable chute with a 180-degree angle, and a foam coated handle grip for smooth movement.

We say this is the perfect choice for you, and it has all the powerful features you would want your snowblower to have. Plus, on top of all that, it is electric, which means no pulling the cords anymore.


You cannot know that one thing or the item is good enough for you without trying it or even reading the ratings.

This blower is an excellent choice for those who do not wish to waste their time clearing out driveways for hours, and being lightweight also helps since heavy blowers make you push with even more force to go forward.

This blower comes with unique features like the 180-degree chute, which allows you to move the snow in different directions in one go, thereby reducing even more of your time.

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You will want a perfect snowblower before it starts to fall heavy snow, and then you have no option to look at the features or choose the blower wisely.

Therefore, you should check out this blower on Amazon, compare it with others, list down its features and use it now.

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