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TaoTronics LED Grow Light Review 

TaoTronics LED Grow Light Review 

If you want to grow an indoor plant but do not have any direct light source, you can go for LED grow lights or t5 grow lights.

These are full-spectrum bulbs, which produce a balance of cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum.

They work excellent for seedlings as well as houseplants, culinary herbs, grow garlic indoors, and other plants. TaoTronics LED grow lights are the best seller of LED grow lights on Amazon and are the cheapest LED lights you can go for.

If you are just getting started with growing indoor plants, you should check out this article to know how you can grow them under LED lights at reasonable costs.

What is the TaoTronics LED Grow Lights

TaoTronics LED Grow Light is ultra-bright LED Grow bulbs that can provide an extra boost of light to the plants when it is raining, snowing, or dark outside. They have 12 LEDs; 3 Blue and 9 Red of 12 watts that are1 watt each.

A standard-fit E26 socket is brilliant for metal housing and can be fitted in any lamp. Start using these LED grow lights to soak your plants in these artificial rays and watch them grow healthy.

, Unlike fluorescent lights, they do not waste energy and emit a wavelength of light that can be fully absorbed by the plant’s photosynthesis. Lights of wavelengths 660nm and 430 are emitted with four growth spectrum peaks for maximum Chlorophyll A and B production.

These light sources are rich in red light and more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, and best for blooming flowers and fruits. The blue lights are needed by the chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments suitable for photosynthesis and are best for leaf growth promotion.

They can rapidly improve the health of plants and seedlings. Within two weeks of using these TaoTronics LED grow lights daily, you can witness new leaves popping.

These are available in 12W, 24W, and 36w constructed in a pure heat-sink fashion. Even with 17hrs of continuous usage, it does not generate any noticeable heat.

TaoTronics sell a varied range of tech products along with these super-useful LED grow lights. With 1500 satisfied customers, they provide the best customer service and post-order support. Due to its ease of use and efficient working power, it is used by many people in a greenhouse or hydroponics.

They can be used to grow orchids in your private greenhouse or weeds like cannabis in low light spaces like your basement.

Pros and Cons


  • Low power consumption
  • Long Service life
  • High luminous efficiency
  • It keeps the temperature down.
  • Does not generate heat.


  • Narrow cone of light
  • Can burn the plants if they are too close.


To understand why TaoTronics LED grow lights are bestsellers, let us look at the various features that make it different from others.


Taotronics promises 50,000 hours of uninterrupted light from each bulb. It can work efficiently for up to 17 hrs—each day. Although the average lifespan of Taotronics LED grows, light is less than other brands. Looking at its low price, it is a good deal.


Smart Umbrella Design

With a unique smart umbrella design, it provides a wider angle of illumination and better heat dissipation.


The most apparent reason why these are so popular is that they are so inexpensive, and you can grow your plants all year under them.

Less Heat Dissipation

Even after hours of usage, they do heat up or generate a lot of heat due to maximized heat dissipation area. It is essential to keep heat away from the plants and provide a cooler temperature. Their aluminum and unique heat sink design keeps down the temperature correctly.

Low Power Consumption, Less Electricity Fees

Unlike traditional lights that end up using about 1000kWh of energy, they use only 100 kWh of energy annually. Other lights also require replacing the bulbs. With Taotronics, you will have less burden on your wallet, and you will be able to make the best purchase.

Stays Cool

The best thing about using LED bulbs is they stay cool even after long hours of usage. They are bright, practical, and you do not notice any significant temperature difference when using your room.

Even after leaving it for hours, they stay calm or at most warm if you touch them. Now, this is also answering why it is safe. You can use them in the kids’ room without worrying about them burning their fingers.

Surface Area

It is perfect for a small grouping of seedlings, herbs, or your small indoor garden with 1-2 plants. With a single TaoTronics LED grow light, a 3-by-2-foot area can be provided with sufficient light. If you have a large area with plants, you may have to invest in more lights.


Whenever you buy TaoTronics LED grow lights, you anyhow get a 12 month or one-year manufacturer’s warranty. But the best deal you can get is when you register your new purchase online.

This way, you can extend it by another six months, crazy, isn’t it? This means that if your bulb stops working within these 18 months, and if you do not do anything outside the mentioned norms, you can get a free replacement for it if your bulb is proven defective.

Keep in mind is to make sure that you buy your LED grow bulb from an authorized dealer such as; otherwise, your warranty will be invalid.

Other Benefits

Let us look at some other benefits these bulbs have to offer.

Easy to Use.

Most customers love the fact that they do not need to buy special sockets for this bulb as it operates on standard E26 sockets and fits on any standard lamps. TaoTronics also provides a user’s guide, making it easier to understand the working of these bulbs.

A perfect distance up to which it can be used is about 1.7 feet away from your plants. However, with the increased distance, the effectivity decreases, ensuring you maintain a considerable distance between the bulb and your plants.


TaoTronics LED Grow Light Size

With standard E26 sockets, they easily fit any lamps and do not need any special equipment to hang them. With their unique design and supreme model, they look amazing and can be used anywhere you want.

WIDE Spectrum

TaoTronics LED Grow Light WIDE Spectrum

With 60 degrees LED angle, they provide a broad spectrum of light enough for about 9.9 square feet of area. They help your plants grow tall, comprehensive, and more abundantly.

It encourages your blooms to pop out and help your leaves unfurl and spread out. It also promotes higher photosynthesis, so you should notice more blooms than ever.


As was measured from energy monitoring systems, these use low energy. And that is the reason why most customers agree that these bulbs are energy efficient. They use fewer watts of electricity than they listed at, and that is how you save on your electricity bill and use them for much longer.


From its price, long lifespan to the ease of its use, customers agree that this LED grows lights from TaoTronics provide more value than any other.


As mentioned earlier, they do not dissipate heat and stays cool even after hours of use. You do not have to worry about burning your fingers when you touch them or putting them in an area where kids can touch them because they are safe. Most importantly, they do not put out UV lights, so it is entirely safe for use.


Just as happens with any other products, it may sometimes happen that a faulty piece gets delivered to you, or your bulb may work well for some days and then stops working.

Well, you do not have to worry about these things if you are buying your lights from TaoTronics as their products come with a 12-month warranty.

Every customer that has reported any fault with their have received a replacement for it.

Now that we have discussed what LED grow lights are and how TaoTronics excel at manufacturing them, we must look at some alternatives to them to compare and choose the best for yourselves.

Grow Light Bulbs,100W Led Grow Light Bulb with 4 Dimmable Levels Timing Function,Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Bulb,Indoor Grow Lights for Seed Starting,Hydroponics,Tomato,Vegetables Growing Light
  • 【Full Spectrum Led Grow Light】The upgraded 100W Grow Light Bulb are made of 160 PCS full spectrum LEDs.MSMING grow light can help to improve the harvest rate by offering a high quality and super brightness.The full spectrum light bulb can perfectly solve all the photosynthesis needs of all greenhouse plants in the winter or rainy season.grow lights is suitable for Indoor Plants Vegetables,Hydroponics Indoor Garden Greenhouse,lemon tree and other plants that will need sunlight.
  • 【Timer Seting And Remote Control】Easy way to set the working time which we want the grow light bulb to work on per day by pressing the figure keys on the remote control.One time setting, endless use,the led Grow Light Bulb will at the same time-point smartly and automatically turn on and turn off per day.It is extremely smart and convenient.We can also dim or brighten the brightness of the grow light by pressing the bright adjust keys on the remote controller.
  • 【More brighter,More Efficiency】The grow light bulb can high-efficiently supply needed light to plants with its super brightness and wide lighting areas.The led grow light can better germinate, grow, flower and produce sunlight for plants.The power of this grow lamp is 100W and real consumption is 20W. Grow light bulb is total green and will save up 80% electricity bill per month.
  • 【High-end Quality And Longer Lifespan】The grow lights for indoor plants full spectrum are made of good quality of material,aviation aluminum as heat-sink,No Fan ZERO Noise,unique Flake structure design to obtain an excellent heat release.grow light bulb won't cause a high temperature with a long time of using, So grow light bulbs won't harm your plant and it will efficiently prolong the its lifespan
  • 【The Optimal Consumption Service】We offer 30 days money-back guarantee plus 2 years Professional Service. Please contact us if you have any question or query.We will service you with satisfactory answers within 24 hours.We will be staying with you forever.
GE Grow Light Bulb, PAR38 Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum, 32-Watt, Balanced Lighting for Seeds and Greens
  • GROW YOUR PLANTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: These LED grow lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) provide the perfect high-quality, plant light that will allow your indoor garden to bloom and flourish year round.
  • THE PERFECT PLANT GROW LIGHT BULB FOR YOUR HOME: Show off your indoor garden without harsh or unsightly lighting. This indoor GE grow light bulb provides a pleasing, natural light, temperature that integrates well with any decorative aesthetic.
  • LONG-LASTING, LOW ENERGY AND LOW HEAT LED GROW BULB: The LED grow light bulb for indoor plants features advanced LED technology that uses only 32 Watts of energy and generates low heat.
  • GROW LIGHT WITH BALANCED LIGHT SPECTRUM FOR SEEDS AND GREENS: The PAR38 grow light bulb appears white to the eye but has a red/blue light spectrum that is perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens, and herbs.
  • GROW LIGHT BULBS FOR INDOOR PLANTS: Now you can grow any variety of plants in your home. The GE grow lights were carefully designed to give your plants the most light with a high output PPF of 50 micromoles per second.
[Pack of 2]100W Led Plant Grow Light Bulb, Full Spectrum 150 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulb Lamp for Vegetables Greenhouse and Hydroponic, E26 E27 Base Grow Light Bulbs, AC 85~265V
  • ❤️[Full Spectrum]:100W LED Grow light bulb has 150PCS High-efficiency 2835SMD LED chips: 100Red+35Blue+10White+5IR(red 620-660nm,blue 440-460nm,IR 730nm,white 3500K-6000K) ; Plant light can provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance hence improving plants' healthy growing
  • ❤️[Save Energe] - this 100Watt Plant Grow Light equivalent actual power consumption is about 30W, save electricity, input voltage: 85V ~ 265V, Size:122*125mm(D*L) long life, up to 50,000 hours
  • ❤️[Excellent Heat DissipationI Effect] - Plant bulb is made of metal aluminum radiator shell, you can always keep the temperature at the appropriate level, effective for plant growth and protection
  • ❤️[Easy to Use] - This plant bulb design standards E26 socket. Input Voltage: AC85-265V, Lumens: 4000-5000LM.Installation is very convenient
  • ❤️[Application+Sale] - 100w LED Plant Lamp is Widely used in greenhouse plants, flowers, hydroponic systems and vegetable cultivation, corn, a few sun, rain, snow, indoor dark growth, to plant additional sunlight,Christmas Sale, save 5% with coupon when you purchase 1 or more on this plant grow light offered by EnerEco


Choose the best for you; that is how you get one that you like. A perfect LED grows light is one that can work.

We have provided you a detailed review of TaoTronics LED grow bulbs and provide you with alternatives. So now we must compare and get the best for you.

I do not want to invest a large amount of money but still want something that works; TaoTronics can be a safe and affordable choice.

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