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AeroGarden Vs Tower Garden: Which One to Pick?

Aerogarden vs. Tower Garden: Which One to Pick

There are various technologies available in the market, which makes gardening so much easier.

These new technologies are beneficial as they help in growing plants faster than traditional techniques.

In this article, we will discuss the two best modern gardening techniques named Aerogarden and Tower garden.

There are a lot of similarities between these two. We will be comparing the aero garden and tower garden and finding your ideal modern gardening system.

What is an Aerogarden?

An Aerogarden is an indoor gardening system that you can use to grow plants inside your home if you do not have enough space to plant a garden.

You can quickly grow your favorite plants throughout the year using an Aerogarden.

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It has a very user-friendly behavior, and it notifies you when to add the nutrients and water to the plants.

Aero gardens are mainly responsible for producing healthy and greener plants. It takes almost four weeks for the aero garden to grow herbs from the seeds. 


  • Pests do not infect trees: There is not any possibility of growing pests in the trees and it also saves your plants from fertilizer burn as well. It is ideal for those people who love fresh vegetables from elements like snails, mud, etc.
  • Growth settings can be controlled manually: You can easily control the plants’ growth manually using the control panel available in the Aerogarden. It allows you to watch the whole germination process with your naked eyes.
  • Continuous Harvesting is possible: After planting for a few weeks, the plants are ready for Harvesting. You can use the aero garden for a continuous supply of foodstuff and flowers.
  • Creates a way for experimenting: It allows the user to experiment with various hybrid processes over the plants.


  • An irritating sound is produced: The pump, which is available inside the aero garden, creates a humming sound that irritates the mind.
  • The grown plant does not look natural: It is also found that after comparison, the flowers that are grown naturally and the flowers which are grown in an aero garden do not look similar in many ways. There are some types of shape oddness available, which are temporary.
  • No application is available for controlling production: There is an absence of microphone application in the aero garden, which negatively impacts the future of the aero garden.

Aerogarden Ultra LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

It is one of the largest Aerogardens available in the market and comes with a pod space of 7 inches.

There is plenty of space available for the plants to grow wider, taller, and greener.

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There is also a LED light available on the top of the garden, which helps provide artificial sunlight to the plants.


  • It has a quiet pump, which does not create more noise.
  • Does not consume much electricity.
  • Comes with a great look.
  • It can grow plants quickly.


  • Quite expensive
  • The LCD screen is too bright.

 What is a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden is a gardening system that uses aeroponics technology to grow plants. In this process, no amount of dirt is used for growing plants.

It is effortless and straightforward to use the tower garden. It is also considered as an aero garden alternative.

But tower gardens are generally massive in size and designed such that they can grow plants outdoors only.

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Tower gardens also can grow plants faster than the natural process.

If you are placing your tower garden inside your home, you will need a light source that provides enough light for your plants in the proper spectrum.


  • Facilitates fast growth: It facilitates faster growth of plants than the natural process. Various foods, such as gourd and lettuce, can be easily prepared in almost three weeks. After some research, it is found that this process can help in yielding 30% more than the traditional methods.
  • Weatherproof System: You can use this gardening system throughout the year; you do not have to worry about the outside weather and temperature. All the things are easily managed by a vertical farm, which is present inside the tower garden.
  • Significantly less space requirement: It requires a significantly less amount of space and is considered an effective indoor gardening option.
  • Less spoilage: There is almost no spoilage of grown foods and crops as they do not depend upon the outside weather.
  • Can produce organic food: Tower garden can produce organic foods; you must use organic composts.


  • Indoor production is not suitable for every crop: Some underground crops such as potatoes or beets are not suitable for growing in this kind of gardening.
  • High energy consumption: You must provide artificial light to the plants, which requires a substantial amount of energy.

Tower Garden Growing System

The Tower Garden growing system is one of the best tower gardens which are available in the market. This tower garden is made up of food-grade plastic, which prevents the growth of algae and is also approved by FDI.

So, it means that anything you can grow in the garden will be entirely safe for consumption. These are ideals for those users who want to use tower gardens for their personal use.

There are 20 small packets available, which you can use to grow different varieties of crops. The tower can hold up to 20 gallons of water inside it.

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It has a 62″ x 30″ x 30″ dimension, which is more than enough to grow plants.


  • Very easy and straightforward to use.
  • No soil is required for growing plants.
  • No pests
  • Very little space is required.


  • Quite expensive

Comparison Between Aerogarden and Tower Garden

Setting Up

As compared to the aero garden, tower gardens are more comfortable to set up and grow plants quickly. They require a significantly less amount of work.

If you plan to keep the gardening system inside your house, you must choose an aero garden because these are considered best for indoor gardens.

You can put it anywhere inside the house, such as near the window or on the table.

Easy to Manage.

The gardens come with their instruction manual, but the tower gardens require a little more work than the aero garden.

You must make sure that they are receiving enough nutrients and sunlight or not.

In the case of an aero garden, it automatically notifies you when the plants require nutrients and water.

Art of Gardening

Both types of gardens provide an excellent opportunity for children to make interested in the art of gardening. An aero garden will be more beneficial for this task because it represents a smaller plant model.

Final Words

Both gardening techniques are unique and environmentally friendly and you can make your own diy tower garden as well. These are the best options for you if you are bored with traditional planting techniques.

You can choose a tower garden if you want the plant to grow outdoors with other plants and in the presence of sunlight.

But, if you want to grow the plant inside your home, then an aero garden is the best choice for you. Kids are also fascinated by this kind of indoor gardening.

This is all about Aerogarden and a well-known aero garden alternative, Tower gardens. We hope that you liked this article.

It would be very beneficial for us if you share it once. If you have doubts/queries regarding these two gardening techniques, you can paste them in the comment section below.

We will try our best to solve all your queries.

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