Alongside traditional gas or electric water heaters, solar units are always booming in their demand. Yes, you should consider them when living in sunny areas, however, they may fit climates with cloudy weather as well. Today, you can start by finding a contractor, because the specialists have the ability to guide you through the best systems available in the market. Otherwise, we offer you to take a look at the below-mentioned solar water heaters that have high rankings and can fit various homeowners.

Top 5 Solar Water Heaters

Let’s remind you how solar water heaters work. All such systems come with storage tanks alongside solar collectors. Then, depending on the functionality, they are divided into 2 types – active, and passive ones. For instance, when choosing active water heaters, they may be with direct circulations. In simple terms, their pumps circulate water via the collectors into the house. They are a go-choice for climates with rare freezes. Then, active units may come with indirect circulation. In this case, their pumps circulate non-freezing fluid via the collectors and a heat exchanger. So, it first heats the water and then transfers it into the household. They are a go-choice for climates with occasional freezes.

What about passive solar water heaters? First off, they are less expensive, but there is a drawback as well – they are not highly efficient. They are also divided into two types. The first one is integral collector-storage units which consist of storage tanks with designated materials that help the sun heat the water. After that, the water from the tank passes into the plumbing system. Finally, there is a thermosyphon system that has water heated in a collector mounted on the roof and transferred to the plumbing system when you open the hot water faucet.

Now, let’s offer you some choices in terms of the best solar water heaters.

#1 Sunbank Solar Hot Water System

We start with Sunbank brand, a renowned Australian company known for producing solar technologies. It can deliver up to 40 gallons, and if needed, there are models for 80-gallons if you have a huge household. The unit comes with polyurethane insulation and a unique absorbing design that helps to attract around 92% of solar radiation. Another feature of the unit is its super easy installation and rare maintenance. There won’t be any movable parts for assembling. You can simply mount it on the roof or the ground or make a space for it in your enclosed patio.

If applicable, you can also set it up with your existing gas or electric water heaters. As for the warranty, expect 10-years which will help you avoid expenses.

#2 Duda Solar 30 Tube Water Heater Collector

Among the top solar water heaters, or recommendations by finding a contractor, you will definitely hear the brand Duda Solar. The system comes with 15, 20, 25, and 30 tube configurations. It means that you can choose the required capacity of hot water for your particular case. If choosing the 15-tube type, the fluid capacity is linked to 0.9L. It is an attractive model for those who seek easy installation. For instance, there are 45-degree options for flat roof installation. Otherwise, you can choose the 37-degree option for other roofs. As for the efficiency, it comes with around 93% sub absorption and can heat water for you up to 250°F.

Why do people choose it? By finding a contractor, you will get to know that this brand model has hailstone resistance, so you do not need to live only in hot climates. It also boasts a lifespan of around 15 years.

#3 Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

This solar water heater is a top choice for camping and outdoor activities. There are different capacities to choose from. For instance, when opting for a small unit, it will come with 9.5 L.

This model features a unique design that involves a mini solar panel that passes on the solar energy to the water directly into the reservoir. Then, there is an insulator layer that maintains the heat inside, while the designated reflector panels function by drawing more sunlight toward the solar panels.

You should also know that the whole construction is made from premium-quality, lasting materials great for outdoor installations. There is a four-layer construction. Besides, it is PVC free.

#4 Game 4271-BB SolarPro Curve

This model is great for pools both in-ground and above-ground ones. It comes with super easy installation. All you have to consider is the place where it can be set up to gather as much sunlight as possible. You will need to adjust the legs of the heater. Other key features are gradual elevation of water temperature, design fit for Bestway and Intex swimming pools. On the other hand, do not expect it to be very reliable and efficient. It fits non-demanding house owners.

#5 Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Supreme Solar is one of the most popular brands in India known for its high durability and cost-effectiveness. It can be purchased for both domestic and commercial installations. There is an inner tank with a glass-lined coating. It helps the heater to have a longer lifespan. Beyond that, such a coating caters to places with hard water, because it will minimize rusting. If you require other capacities, Supreme Solar has 100, 150, 250, 300 as well as 500 LPD. You should definitely choose it if you crave eco-friendly models.

All in all, the above-mentioned solar water heaters are ideal for people with medium paying capacity. Hardly every system comes with easy installation, so you can avoid any hustle and bustle. Yet, by finding a contractor, you will be able to choose the model for your particular domestic purposes based on the size of your house, people living next to you, as well as appliances you usually run. Do also ensure to check the existing users’ feedback on each to understand the possible drawbacks, or find where to buy them with the best discounts or promotions.


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