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Like never before, real estate agents have taken up blogging for the past few years in a bid to attain a competitive advantage. One thing that has to be realized is blogging alone does not lead to more clients and business growth. If you wish to yield substantial returns from your investment, you cannot go about publishing words on a page week after week.

There has to be a strategic approach. This is where content marketing proves to be helpful. If you can invest time and money into blogging, you are focusing on the act of publishing and creating original content, creating infographics, creating videos on the website regularly. If you are investing your money and time in content marketing, you must be aspiring to render value for end-users to attract prospects, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

Here some of the tips that will help you to be on the right track.

  • Sell experiences and not Houses.

As a real estate agent who has the ambition to leverage content marketing effectively, you must get this fact into your system that you are not only in the business of selling houses but also in the business of selling experiences. People become interested in what a new house means for them and their families. Having this basic understanding is crucial for using content marketing when it comes to differentiating your value offerings from what competitors are offering and attract more clients.

When you prioritize selling experiences instead of houses, it will permit you to write about topics that people can successfully relate to, in sharp contrast, to write only on topics that you think homebuyers care about. You become more than a real estate agent if you focus on selling experiences. A trustworthy community advocate is a role that you assume.

  • Becoming a broader resource

It is important on your part to be able to build an audience that is loyal and large. This is important when you want to get more ROI from the money and time investing in content marketing. A large audience of followers and readers will help you to maximize your outreach outside your network. The easiest and best way for the purpose is to use your blog as a way of leveraging yourself as a broader resource for would-be homebuyers.

A broader resource here implies writing about blog posts on topics that are related to buying and selling homes or changes and trends in the real estate industry. To position you as a broader resource, it makes sense to write on topics such as

  • Helping Children to manage a transit to the new school district
  • Meeting friends as an adult in a new city.
  • Organizing your home in limited space
  • The cost of maintaining a hot tub or outdoor pool
  • How to become an active citizen in the local community
  • Guide to building an outdoor toy storage

When you become a broader resource, it will ultimately strengthen your brand as an agent. You can publish your content in front of new audiences and establish a connection with more people who will be using your help.

  • Using the Right Tools

If you desire to be an effective content marketer, you need to adapt and use tools that can come in handy in automating tasks, standardizing processes, and scaling what works. If you are a real estate agent aspiring to have more ROI from real estate marketing, you cannot compromise. You need to be honest and accept that what you are doing is not scalable if you are into manual handling of blog post creation right from its ideation to sharing on social media and emailing to contacts. Eventually, you will reach a position where you cannot do it all on your own. This is where tools are going to help you.

Before you go out desperately seeking out the needed tools, it makes sense to learn about their usage. With this objective in mind, we are proposing six tools worth considering building a sustainable program of content marketing that will help boost productivity and yield desirable results.

  • Facebook Ads
  • InVideo
  • Trello
  • Buzzsumo
  • CoSchedule
  • ContentMarketer

These are only a few of the handful of tools you can use to scale your efforts, although there are many more tools out in the market.

  • Going beyond the blog post

As mentioned earlier, just publishing new blog posts on your website will not be enough when it comes to becoming more profitable and increasing your earnings. Suppose, you wish to stand out and differentiate yourself as a trusted real estate agent in the community. In that case, you need to go beyond providing more value to readers and prospective clients. It implies spending money, energy, and time to develop additional resources that you can incorporate in blog posts and give away free.

You can provide these value-added resources by giving them away free to the readers in exchange for their email addresses. An effective and popular way for the purpose is to incorporate content upgrade offers in the blog posts.

  • Leveraging your existing network

The simplest way of gaining more ROI from content marketing is to ask among your close associates to spread the word about your blog when it has gone live. Although it seems simple, yet it is highly effective when it comes down to promoting your content.

As a real estate agent, you can get more ROI from your content and spread it among new audiences with your close associates’ help. Since they are loyal and have a stake in your endeavors, they will be willing to help you only if you approach them.


You must set up short and long-term goals for your real estate business. Whatever your goals are, make sure that you are devoting time to clearly defining your goals and assigning milestones or metrics that will allow you to track progress along the way.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish the task is by sending emails and LinkedIn messages to people you know and asking them to share their latest blog post in their online community. Always keep in mind that it is important to be authentic with your emails. Never risk sending mass mail to everyone seeking help.

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown, an MBA graduate from Columbia University, New York, has been a fixture in the business world for over 20 years. His expertise in strategic management has been a cornerstone of our content since he joined in 2016. Previously, Andrew held executive roles in several Fortune 500 companies, where he led transformative business initiatives. His years of experience in corporate leadership and consulting bring a wealth of knowledge to our readers. Outside of work, he mentors young entrepreneurs and enjoys playing chess.

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