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Today, the essence of a smart office is to eliminate all household inconveniences in advance and free up time for solving immediate tasks. The modern workplace can no longer be static, it should easily adapt to our needs. If the table and chair are adjustable, the organizer is made up of different blocks, the lamp is with brightness control, and the monitor is compact, which is devoid of intricate wiring and easily changes the angle of rotation and tilt.

Annoying back and neck pain produced by constant sedentary work is the pitfall of effective work. Due to up-to-date tech innovations in the area of office design and working space organization, many office and remote work workers can experience a new approach and feel more flexibility and productivity when using the best electric standing desk with its adjustable feature.

Arrange a Comfortable Workplace

What recommendations should be followed when creating a workplace?

1. Comfortable furniture

It is worth remembering that the desktop and chair are not just furniture, but the living space of many of us, in which we spend a lot of time at the computer every day. An incorrectly selected chair height or an unsuccessful table configuration threatens much bigger problems than a simple inconvenience.

Thus, increased fatigue and reduced concentration of attention lead to deterioration of work results, deterioration of memory, and low productivity. Incorrect position of the spine threatens scoliosis, kyphosis, and other postural disorders.

So, the choice of comfortable furniture is critical not only for the design of the space, but also for our quality of life, and general physical and mental state.

Specialists advise paying attention to the following factors when choosing furniture for furnishing a workspace:

2. Desk height

There is a simple test to check the optimal table height. A person, putting his elbows on the table, should touch his temples with his fingers. If the fingers are above the temples or do not reach them, then the table is not suitable.

If the table is low, the worker will lean too much over it, which will harm the posture. A high tabletop will make you strain too much, causing increased fatigue. Therefore, the adjustable standing desk option can solve this problem and allow you to choose the required height of the tabletop.

3. The width of the desktop

The width of the desktop should ensure a distance of at least 50 cm from the eyes to the computer monitor.

It is better to buy a table with a retractable board in advance. You can install a keyboard on it or use it as a workspace extender.

Corner tables also offer a good solution. They allow you to successfully separate the area of ​​writing and computer work.

4. Chair height

An ideal chair is one that allows for height adjustment, as well as the position of the back and armrests. Therefore, for a child’s comfortable sitting, it is better to buy an orthopedic chair that is adjustable in height. Then there will be no need to change the seat every year.

After all, during work, the feet should rest completely on the floor, and a right angle should be created between the shins and thighs. So a height-adjustable seat is an optimal solution to the issue of a comfortable seat.

5. Correct lighting

The best lighting is a combination of natural and artificial light, with a predominance of the first. At the same time, the workplace of the right-handed person should be highlighted on the left, and the right-handed person should be on the right.

They often try to place the table opposite the window. But with such an arrangement, direct light reflects off the papers and the eyes get tired. But if there is no other way out, then place the table at some distance, at least 40-50 cm. Smart lighting with the help of special lamps and curtains can help you with this issue. The light should fall at an angle from the side so that there are no reflections. When working for a long time in front of the monitor, it is very important to take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. Look away, exercise your eyes or just close them for a minute.

6. Pay attention to ergonomics

Important tip: regular movements and changes in body position help to reduce the load on the joints and back during remote work. Make sure the desk has plenty of storage space and is the right height. If the budget allows, get a table that can be adjusted in height. The seat of the chair is at the correct height when the feet are on the floor and the legs are bent at a right angle. The dynamic backrest adjusts to the body weight and relieves the load from the back.

7. Provide plenty of storage space

Where did the bill that just arrived go? And the pen disappeared again. It is difficult to work productively at a desk cluttered with things. Today, there are many beautiful and practical alternatives to the classic cabinet on wheels under the table. Office furniture can be visually similar to a home furniture. We’ll show you ideas for any budget and any space.

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