What Size Chainsaw is Good for Tree Cutting

What Size Chainsaw is Good for Tree Cutting

Using a Chainsaw might be challenging for some people who never used it and have no idea about its size and use. So, it is better to ask your doubts before purchasing a chainsaw.

As there are many designs available, it is quite difficult to predict the actual size of the chainsaw that is needed for someone.

A powerful and effective chainsaw is needed for any type of task, so it is better to look for some effective ones.

Size of a Chainsaw

Size of a Chainsaw

The most important thing in purchasing a chainsaw is the right size of chainsaw that is required for the cutting of trees. When we say the size of the chainsaw, we mean the size of the cutting bar that is present in the chainsaw.

There is a variety of ranges of the cutting bar, and therefore, it is difficult to predict the right size that we need so we usually prefer the approximate size, and it works.

The size of the cutting bar varies between 6 to 20 inches. Usually, people prefer the commercial chainsaw that has a huge cutting bar. More the size of the cutting bar, the more robust and effective the chainsaw is.

Therefore, people usually go for the huge cutting bar as it is quite effective for commercial as well as for personal use. More so, a six-inch chainsaw is the electric one and it is quite difficult to use for one who never used it as it is very challenging.

The Perfect Size!

Now, let us talk about the size that is required for cutting trees. So, there is no perfect size for cutting the trees but still, if you go for a large size then it will be perfect. The small cutting bar will not be able to cut the trees, but they are good for cutting branches. But we suggest a large size cutting bar because they will be able to cut any size tree and thus, you will not have to search for different types of chainsaws.

If you are wondering what size chainsaw do I need? Then 20 Chainsaw is perfect for cutting through an 18″ tree diameter, 16 chainsaw is good for cutting through a 14″ tree diameter. That is how you will have to decide the size of the chainsaw that seems fit for you.

Not only this, but several other parameters are also equally important for you to keep in mind while purchasing a chainsaw and that is its quality. There are several chainsaws available that are not good in quality and if you purchase them then they will not be of any use.

So, it is always better if you go for a large size cutting bar approximately 14 to 16 inches so that they can be used for personal as well as for commercial business as well.

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar?

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar

Well, if you are looking for an answer to this question, then there is one thing that you always need to keep in mind. If anyone asks, “what size of chainsaw do I need?”, then all you need is to take out your measuring tape and start measuring the size of the cutting bar from one end to the other.

This is the only way through which you will be able to measure the accurate size of a chainsaw. However, you will have to make sure that you are measuring from one end to the other end because if you will do any mistake in measuring the cutting bar then it will get all your calculations wrong.

Large Trees

Now, the most difficult thing is to cut the trees because it is heavy-duty and not an easy task that can be done by anyone. And cutting down the trees requires an effective and right set of equipment.

For this task, you will need a long blade and a powerful motor that will be able to cut through the trees. If the blade is almost 16 inches long, then it will be effective for cutting down the trees.

What Size Chainsaw do you Need?

The most important question that arises is the right size of chainsaw that is needed for cutting through the branches and trees.

So, it depends on the size of the tree that you are looking for in your job or you can directly use a long cutting bar for this purpose so that it can help you in cutting any depth or any size.

A small chainsaw is required for cutting down the branches and hence, it will not be able to cut a heavy and dense tree.

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