What Is the Best Timber for Pool Decking?

What Is the Best Timber for Pool Decking

Are you planning of building a deck around your pool? But choosing the right timber for pool decking isn’t an easy task. There are many factors that you should consider, like how much it will cost, how the durability is, and what look you actually want to create, among others.

So, if you are someone who is looking for the best timbers for creating hot tub decking, we’ve got you covered. To help you make the right choice, here is our best timber selection checklist.

Why Do You Require Decking?

Swimming is one of the most common sports around the world. Not to mention why every single house nowadays are having private swimming pools. However, like all other sports, swimming can also lead to many accidents.

Pool decks are mostly wet making them slippery. It can result in both major and minor injuries and accidents. A timber decking is less slippery when wet as compared to tiles or concrete.

Apart from safety, wooden timber decking provides an elegant look to your pool area and gives you the freedom to customize it as your wish. It is also way cheaper than other alternatives like tiles or concrete. It requires simple fixing materials like nails and is also easier and faster to repair than concrete.

What It Is Being Used for And What Elements Can It Face?

Before you decide to use timber for your decking project, consider what it will be used for. If it’s for the pool, it should be able to hold against chlorine or saltwater. But if it’s for a sun deck, it should be able to bear the harsh rays of the sun. And if your deck will have kids running around, it should be strong enough to withstand some knocks.

Again, the next thing that you should consider is the elements your deck can face. It should be able to withstand the elements. If you in an area near to the sea, choose timber that can stand up to salt erosion. Similarly, if it’s in a humid climate, it shouldn’t rot easily and if you live in a bushfire-prone area, you should probably use a strong, dense hardwood such as Blackbutt.

What Budget Is Looking For?

Of course, if you are renovating the decking area, it will cost money, but you can still get it done in your budget by choosing the correct materials. Timber prices vary according to the type, so you can choose a timber that matches your budget. Exotic hardwoods are often expensive but varieties are treated pines are mostly affordable. But before making the final call, see that you are not only looking at the price but also at its durability. It should last longer without costing you much in the long term.

How Will You Be Maintaining It?

Some timber woods require more maintenance than others to keep their looks the same in the long term. You can oil your deck every few years to keep it waterproof and keep it looking good. So, before you start off with your decking project, find out how much maintenance it will require and if you’ll be able to provide that or not.

What Look You Want?

When you are investing your time making the deck for your pool, you definitely have an idea or vision as to what you really want to create. You would want it to look nice while it does its job. Timbers are available in various shades, quality, and in grain. So, do proper research before finalizing on to any particular type.

Other Important Factors to Consider

While look and maintenance are crucial elements that you should consider, there are still other important factors that you must also take into consideration before you finalize on to any particular type of timber wood. Below are mentioned certain important factors that you should consider-

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Look
  • Maintenance, and
  • Fit for purpose

Consider buying any timber for pool decking after taking into consideration these important factors.

Different Types of Timber You Can Choose

When it comes to deciding the type of timber for pool decking, you should be aware of what types of timber you can choose. Below are mentioned the different types of timber.

  • Treated pine
  • Spotted gum
  • Jarrah
  • Merbau
  • Blackbutt

Treated lumber is seen as the most popular choice among the citizens of Pennsylvania. Woods that can hold up well to constant sun and wetness is preferably a good choice. Hardwoods are often seen as an appropriate choice for pool decks.

There are many natural wood varieties as well, like pine, cedar, and Brazilian ipe. Teak is another good choice due to its relatively easier availability. It is also resistant to insects, mold, and mildew. Although wooden decks seem classy and provide an elegant look to your pool area, it also requires seasonal maintenance, including cleaning, sealing, and sandling.

Recycled timbers are another good choice because the tannins- dyes which are normally used to dye wood- have already been leached out. So, the advantage is that they will not stain the soles of your feet or anything else. A general thumb rule is: the more expensive the timber the less it leaches color, as it has not been dyed.


Timber decking is known as the most common decking material for pool owners due to its craft ability, smaller price tag, and wide range of choices like Blackbutt, Merbau, Batu, Fiji Mahogany, etc.

Composite decking is getting popularity as it mimics the grains and colors of traditional timber and its low maintenance, non-combustible and non-slip qualities.

Wood is also a naturally warm material. So, even if it becomes wet and you walk barefooted, you wouldn’t feel the cold on a wooden surface.

Woods naturally breathe since they are derived from trees, which are living objects. So, they are advisable for people who have allergies or breathing problems.

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