10 Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas You Must Try: Cute and Utilitarian

10 Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas You Must Try

The world is going greener, and houses should not miss adding greenery elements to their places. Everyone now is talking about the healing power of nature and how small plants and terrariums can help you breathe better. Many people now want to try these cute DIY terrariums that light up their homes in subtle shades of green and give them a gorgeous look. Continue reading for some amazing terrarium ideas.

What is a Terrarium?

A terrarium is a small miniature garden created in glass bowls and other vessels with an enclosed area. These contain small, highly functioning plant trains that represent ecosystems. They most likely can survive on their own as these plants water themselves through the natural processes of evaporation, transpiration, and condensation in the vessel they are housed in.

The word terrarium essentially means earth (terra) and area (areium). So, in simple language, it is a home for plants.

Creating a self-sustaining terrarium at home is a straightforward and budget-friendly option to lighten up your home and adding a much-needed dash of greenery.

Why Should You Have a Terrarium?

Terrariums are the latest and the trendiest of the plant world. These are perfect for people who love to add a touch of nature and greenery to their homes. It is also a great choice for people who love plants but want low-maintenance options because of less space and lack of time for them. It is also easy to create and is a budget-friendly option. Several exotic plants for kids and other flowers can be added to a terrarium to create a beautiful selection.

Different Types of Terrariums

There are several different types of terrariums available. They are one of the most versatile plant options for your home.

Closed Terrarium

A closed terrarium is the simplest type of sealed terrarium with a closed, self-sustaining ecosystem that thrives on its own. It captures the atmospheric humidity and causes transpiration in plants which later leads to condensation, and this cycle goes on.

Open Terrariums

This is another type of non-traditional terrarium and different from a closed sustaining ecosystem. These are very versatile and a great choice if you want to decorate your home and add a splash of refreshing nature touch.

These make for grade hangings and allow better airflow of plants. These are also very easy to maintain, and since there are no condensation problems in this, there are fewer chances of mold and rot in this.

Given below are a few terrarium ideas for your home.

DIY Terrarium Ideas for Your Home

DIY Terrarium Ideas for Your Home

Miniature Light Bulb Terrarium

This is an innovative terrarium idea. In this, you need to take a holding vessel in the shape of a light bulb, and it is effortless to build.

Also, you will need some dried-out sand. Next, you will need some mosses that can be replanted. Use wild type or sheet type. Add rocks and other terrarium toys such as marbles, sticks, and ornaments, and your beautiful terrarium are ready.

Small Bauble Terrarium

Small Bauble Terrarium

Add a little festive touch to your house by creating this bauble ornament terrarium. It adds a touch of festivity and a touch of nature. The spherical shape of this vessel is perfect for creating deep layers of different colors and materials, which give it a beautiful look.

For this, you will need some plant cuttings that will fit in your terrarium soil and a ribbon. You need to create a self-sustaining ecosystem by layering the grass, adding some moss and plants in the soil, and decorating it with accessories. It can be hung on your Christmas tree or at the entrance of your house to create a beautiful look.

Small Glass Bubble Terrarium

Small Glass Bubble Terrarium

One of the most trending types of the terrarium is the glass bubble terrarium. It comes in a beautiful simple round shape and is a well-known classic of the terrarium world. It is perfect for rendering a beautiful garden inside, and you can get very creative with it. Several mosses, ferns and petals, and soils of different types can be added to create a beautiful bubble terrarium. Some petrified wood, small rocks, and figurines can also be added to create a wonderful look.

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium

One of the most adorable types of the terrarium is the succulent terrarium. It uses beautiful species of different succulents in several colors to create a wonderful look. You can add a little cutting of moss and a range of succulents for this. Decorative geodes and mosses can be added to create a layered look. This is a wonderful way of decorating your home and does not require much maintenance. Always use plants that can survive almost on no water and look adorable in homes.

Wall Terrarium

Another beautiful terrarium idea is this wall display terrarium. It uses flat vessels that can be hung on walls. You can create this look using large photo frames, round boxes hung on walls, and even ancient-looking decorative elements. This can be very easy to make and is low maintenance.

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You do not have to worry about watering your plants, and they are perfect for decorating your house. You can add white pebbles and a collection of beautiful succulents, which are air plants and can survive harsh care. Small cactuses, colorful succulents, and sphagnum moss are perfect for this.

Miniature Bottle Terrarium

Miniature Bottle Terrarium

Add a little Pinterest look to your home with this easy bottle terrarium. This captures nature in just a nutshell, and it is a beautiful surprise to add greenery to your house. Use smaller bottles for these and add mushrooms, fairies, and figurines to them. Add some artificial mosses, some small succulents, and build layers for this. This also makes for a great family project and can set your creative juices to flow.

Terrarium Waterfall

Terrarium Waterfall

Add a little bling and glamour to your home with this beautiful waterfall terrarium. It is a great way to create a centerpiece for your home. This is an artificial waterfall that gives a realistic-looking waterfall. Add in some figurines, fishes, beautifully carved stones and marbles, and rocks. Layer it with some mosses and artificial leaves, and you are all set to go. 

You will need some good quality potting soil and moisture requiring plants such as clubmoss. Also, add layers of moss and create a beautiful look. All you need to do is carve your rocks and waterfall at the bottom of the vessel. Next, you need to create the cascading waterfall via clear resin. Get creative with this and create a beautiful look.

Sand Terrarium

Sand Terrarium

If you are looking for something creative and a blend of color and greenery is your choice, this sand terrarium can be a great option for you. It is effortless to create. All you need for this is layers of colorful sand, some faux plants and mosses, and a few additions such as figurines and rocks, and you are all set to go. Create a beautiful medley of colors and add fun plants to your terrarium and create a beautiful showstopper.

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Add a little vintage look to your home by using your old coffee pot and creating a colorful terrarium. All you need is a translucent or transparent pot that allows all the plants and other materials to shine through.

Add in figurines, large pebbles, succulents, mosses, and a few tiny animals. Create a jungle-like thick canopy look in this coffee pot, and it will be a wonderful project and will be the beautiful part of your house that always attracts people.

Eggshell Terrarium

Eggshell Terrarium

Go green and recycle the material already available in your home to create a stunning terrarium. This is a nice idea to brighten up your home, and you do not want to spend much on the material. All you need are a few artificial or real plants, mosses, some potting soil, and a few pipe cleaners.

Use sand liners in your egg holder. Next, fill out your eggshells with the desired soil. Place your ferns, mosses, and succulents in this. Next, add all the decorative elements. Get as creative as you want. Add a beautiful photo of paint to your egg holder, paint your shells like Easter eggs and create a stunning design.


Terrariums never go out of style and are a perfect way of adding plants to your home. They add a much-needed touch of green and help in brightening your abode. They are easy to create and are very versatile, and highly customizable.

You can create something you like that serves as decorative pieces and centerpieces for coffee tables, bookshelves, and even for balconies. These are affordable, and you can even create them with material readily available in your home. Create a beautiful terrarium today.

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