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20 Beautiful Hanging Terrarium Ideas

Hanging Terrarium Ideas

The Terrarium is something which has multipurpose use in our house and its interiors, so the terrarium ideas are essential for maintaining the sobber or dynamic looks of the interiors of our house, workplace, or anywhere we want to place the terrarium. Terrariums can be of many types of structures and even of a different material.

The terrarium is not possible to be placed everywhere, so the dynamic structure and new design proposed over time and one of the great ideas are hanging glass terrarium. There can be a lack of space for a traditional terrarium, but the hanging terrarium and its different ideas solved this problem quite easily.

There are lots of ideas for terrariums that are not trendy or outdated. To maintain the interior of the house/workplace the one needs to match the trends. So here are some trendy terrarium ideas:

1. Wall Stand Glass Terrarium

Wall Stand Glass Terrarium

This hanging glass terrarium can be named the Anchored angle hanging glass terrarium. In this type of terrarium, we can have many shapes, and it generally anchored in the wall with the help of angle used to fill the empty corners of rooms with décor pieces.

This terrarium generally contains decorative plants grown on their own with very little or no water needed.

2. Wall Frame Terrarium

Wall Frame Terrarium

The type of terrarium we see in the above picture is the pattern of terrarium typically used for offices and art gallery kind of places. In this pattern, the terrarium is hung at the wall in a grouping.

This terrarium generally contains pebbles and marbles in the place of soil in it. They contain artificial leafy plants, which are totally a showpiece that is showcased only to give a green look with some dynamic touch to the wall.

This type of terrarium is used as the center of attraction and generally used in the areas of attraction like receptions etc.

3. Prism Hanging Terrarium

Prism Hanging Terrarium

The hanging terrarium we can see in this picture is one of the unique hanging terrarium ideas out of all defined terrarium ideas.

This terrarium, as seen, has a triangular shape with particular and limited space for the plant. This terrarium generally contains single flower plants with very less area for soil or pebbles and stones.

These terrarium structures can be made of wood, timber, plastic, fiber, etc. They are generally used in the balcony and gallery where they can have air to pass through them.

4. Bowl Hanging Glass Terrarium

Bowl Hanging Glass Terrarium

The Glass terrarium in the picture is the typical example of the hanging glass terrarium, which is hung high in the rooms to give them a natural look. These terraria are filled with plants that are generally of the aquatic breed. They can be placed as a single piece or in pairs of 2,3,4. They were the most common glass terrarium idea.

Though they are common, they are very trendy, and many people like to have them as part of their interiors.

5. Rope Hanging Terrarium

Rope Hanging Terrarium

This idea of hanging glass terrarium we can see in the above image is one of the most typical ideas of the terrarium to be hanged. Still, with some dynamic changes as it is not totally sphere nor it is open from the top, it has a mouth on the sideways, and unlike the common terrarium, which is hanged with the chains, it is hanged with jute ropes to give it a raw look. These terraria can contain artificial flowers to real plants & they are quite budget-friendly.

6. Multiple Hanging Bowl Terrarium

Multiple Hanging Bowl Terrarium

This terrarium pattern shown in the image above is the extension of the idea we discussed above; unlike the above idea, this pattern can consist of more than one glass terrarium hanging. They can be of different shapes sizes, and that they can be hanged in different patterns.

They also can contain artificial plants, flowers, and pebbles or soil as the base. They also have sideways mouths, but they can be hanged with chains or jute ropes or the combination of both for providing dynamic looks.

7. Light Bulb Terrarium

Light Bulb Terrarium

The image shown above shows one of the famous terrarium ideas, which can be termed as a light bulb hanging terrarium. This idea reuses the normal light bulb as an apparatus of glass terrarium.

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The bulb is opened from the connective side. After removing all the stuff, it is filled with soil, and the mouth is tied with the ropes of jute to give it finishing, and then it is ready to be hanged with any angle in the house. This is one of the most cost-friendly ideas for decorative interiors.

8. Plank Window Terrarium

Plank Window Terrarium

This Glass terrarium showcasing in the picture is typically designed for the windows and their decoration with the glass terrariums.

In this pattern, a plank is being attached beside the window for making a platform, and this wooden plank helps the terrarium hang with the help of ropes and chains. The hanging patterns can be of different types depending on the structure height and need of the individual.

The terrarium can contain any plant may it be an artificial or a real growing plant. This idea can have an intermediate budget, but the outlook will be rich if done properly.

9. Metal Stand Terrarium

Metal Stand Terrarium

The image above shows one of the innovative ideas of hanging glass terrarium; it can be termed as the table stand glass terrarium; this terrarium idea is typically designed for decorating tables with plants and a natural look. The design contains a stand with an angle on which the terrarium can be hanged. The material can be of any material like metals, woods, etc.

The budget of the table stand glass terrarium can be depended upon individuals to individuals it can be costly as well as less costly depends on materials.

10. Water Glass Terrarium

Water Glass Terrarium

This terrarium idea shown in the picture can be used as a normal terrarium and even a hanging terrarium. This terrarium idea can be termed a glass-filling terrarium. The glass was used for drinking water and drinks filled with plants and soil to make a terrarium structure.

This is the most cost-effective idea of home décor, which anyone can do with the very least apparatus as it only required glass soil, pebbles, and plants. It can be hanged with the help of strings and can be placed without hanging.

11. Capsule Glass Terrarium

Capsule Glass Terrarium

The above shown is a terrarium idea known as the capsule glass terrarium. This terrarium idea has a very specified structure with apparatus of capsule-like shape. This terrarium is used when the individuals specifically demand it.

The terrarium size is a bit small than regular terrariums, and there are minimal plants that can be placed inside these terrariums and should be handled very carefully. This terrarium is used to details the minute décor of interiors.

12. Aquarium Glass Terrarium

Aquarium Glass Terrarium

The terrarium shown in the image is the Aquarium terrarium, which is nothing, but a glass aquarium bowl used as a terrarium apparatus. This can be hanged or fixed in walls; this idea is used to give aquatic plants in terrarium.

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This terrarium is handy for people who wish to have an aquarium in the home décor but do not have space. This terrarium is an alternative for the aquarium for the home decors and is a very cost-friendly terrarium idea.

13. Glass Hut Hanging Terrarium

Glass Hut Hanging Terrarium

The Hut structured Terrarium we see in the picture above is unique among hanging glass terrarium ideas. This structure is used to keep the climber plants like money plants and their types safe and use it as a part of the interior.

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This is a mixture of glass and fibers as a whole structure; their framework is made up of hard metals it totally upon the individual’s choice. This is used to keep in house and the one’s room which is a plant lover. They are open from one side soo that the climber plant can have growth.

14. Anchor Stand Hanging Terrarium

Anchor Stand Hanging Terrarium

This is one of the most out-of-the-box terrarium ideas we see in the picture where the glass terrarium is hung in the anchor used to hang clothes generally. Still, this idea can give a normal room a whole different look when used properly.

The main motive of the terrarium and it is hanging has been clearly seen through this idea or structure where we can easily give a normal thing a very different look with very least efforts and spending a handful of money.

15. Multiple Hanging Bulb Terrarium

Multiple Hanging Bulb Terrarium

This Hanging Glass Terrarium in the picture can be termed as the water bulb terrarium; these patterns of terrarium generally can be traced in studios and restaurants. It contains the bulb, which is half-filled with water, and aquatic plants are poured into it. The lights are wrapped around it to give it an elite look.

This design generally carries several bulbs placed hanging with each other to give a sight of enlightenment in the rooms.

16. Flower Glass Hanging Terrarium

Flower Glass Hanging Terrarium

This Glass terrarium we have in the above picture can be termed as the hanging flowered glass terrarium. This has one of the most beautiful designs from all the glass terrarium ideas.

This terrarium idea is commonly used in the wedding reception ceremony or on related occasions. These are temporary terrariums with artificial plants and flowers in different colors according to the theme.

These terrarium ideas have a moderate budget and are only suitable for specific occasions.

17. Glass Vault Hanging Terrarium

Glass Vault Hanging Terrarium

One of the most complicated terrarium structures we see in the above image. This glass terrarium can be hanged in the areas where there is a source of sunlight, and the color of the walls is generally light in the office cabins and halls.

The structure is complicated as pair of glass vault is attached and the plant placed inside these terraria are generally artificial and has grassy looks which make it look dense in volume.

18. Wine Bottle Hanging Terrarium

Wine Bottle Hanging Terrarium

This terrarium idea in the picture above can be termed a wine bottle terrarium pattern. As suggested by the name and the image in this idea, the bottles are used to design the desired area.

In the bottle, we can do the plantation of a plant whose stem runs in an upward direction, for example, a money plant.

This is the most cost-friendly terrarium idea as the real wine bottles can be reused after some paintwork. These terrariums can be placed anywhere it suits.

19. Tree Hanging Light Bulb Terrarium

Tree Hanging Light Bulb Terrarium

The Glass terrarium we can see here is the most specific idea of terrarium that very limited people can uses pattern we need a tree or a tree-like structure which we can find in resorts or garden café etc.

This pattern includes many glass terraria placed in the tree hanging with lighting, which gives a dreamy look to the area. It is one of the costliest terrarium ideas.

20. Secret Jar Hanging Terrarium

Secret Jar Hanging Terrarium

The glass terrarium hanging in the picture are a particular kind of hanging glass terrarium. They are closed glass terrarium which was generally used in bedrooms or the galleries of bedrooms as we can see they are made up with the help of secret jars(glass) which indicates the sign of compassion.

The plants placed in the jar’s terrarium require less water ad they are generally dense to give the filled look. They are very budget-friendly and are a great terrarium idea.

Samantha White
Holding an MA in Fine Arts from Yale University, Samantha White has been an expert in creative crafts and room design for over 15 years. She has worked as an interior designer, where she honed her skills in creating functional and aesthetic spaces. She became a part of our community in 2020, offering insights into efficient craft room setups and innovative DIY techniques. Her background includes leading community art projects and teaching art classes. Samantha is also an avid gardener, often drawing inspiration from nature for her craft designs.

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