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How Does Ring Spotlight Cam Work

How Does Ring Spotlight Cam Work

Have you heard of the newest security cameras stealing the show in the market? Do you already own a Ring Spotlight Camera but are unsure of how it works?

Leave your worries behind, for we have the best solutions for you.

Amazon’s brainchild, Ring, has reclaimed the throne and is outshining its competitors in obvious ways. Not only are they power-packed with features, but they are also known for their amazing functionalities.

And since you have stumbled on our page, we assume you already have or have decided to get one of these flashy security cameras. So, keep scrolling as we lay out everything for you on the plate.

Know a Bit About Ring Spotlight Cam

Know a Bit About Ring Spotlight Cam

A rectangular, shiny security camera with a blue LED light glowing in the center, this Ring Spotlight Camera provides brilliant HD videos in 1080P resolution with two-way interactions. Now incorporated with AI and Alexa, they are smart devices for automated homes.

Motion and audio detection, Infrared (colored) night vision, multiple power charging solutions, 140 degrees complete camera rotation, etc., are some of the best features Ring Spotlight Cam boasts.

Before we get to our main discussion point, let’s consider the Ring model we will discuss. It is a Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, which is available with a power cord measuring 20 feet.

Now, let’s address our original question: how does Ring Spotlight Cam work? Well, we are going to tell you all about its functionality.

The Basic Functionality of Ring Spotlight Cam

The Basic Functionality of Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Cam is rectangular with a 140-degree wide-angle lens. Two LED strips run parallel to it. This camera with a 140-degree wide-angled lens gets activated when it senses motion. Talking the same, the motion detector is successfully enclosed inside the dome at the bottom of the camera. This motion detector has a massive range of 270 degrees.

This efficient camera records and streams videos captured in 1080P resolution. It also features two-way communication, noise cancellation, and infrared night vision up to thirty feet.

The recorded videos from the camera go straight up to the cloud storage provided by Ring and are easily accessible. The cloud storage, however, requires minimal subscription charges of around $30 per year. The first month of Ring subscription is free.

Ring Spotlight Cam Functionality after Connecting the Cameras

Ring Spotlight Cam Functionality after Connecting the Cameras

Now, this has two cases depending upon the model that you are using. If it is a wired model, you are good to go, but if you have the battery mode, you must first charge it fully. When done, further procedures are common for both models.

Connect your Ring Spotlight Cam to WiFi before mounting it on your wall. This is of utmost importance. Now, you have to connect the camera to the Ring app. Once done, the voice assistant will guide you about the further procedures.

Ring Cameras come with screws, mounting tools, drill bits, screwdriver, mounting brackets, etc, and with the help of these, you can place your camera on your outdoors with ease.

Ring Spotlight Cam Functionality with the Ring App

Ring Spotlight Cam Functionality with the Ring App

Ring app is the portal from where all your camera functions can be controlled. They are quite easy and user-friendly. All you have to do is open the Ring app and click the Spotlight Cm icon to open a dedicated screen for your security camera.

Here, you can access the functionalities with ease. At the top, you will find a battery icon indicating the power left in your security camera.

Then, on either side of the top section, you will find toggle options for motion and light controls. You can switch them off or on as per your choice. There is then a selection of buttons right below these toggle options.

From here, you can easily access the camera’s streaming history, feed, light settings, etc.

Ring boasts about its two-way interaction features, so the app has a dedicated phone button.

From here, you can always effortlessly communicate with the guest, trespasser, or intruder. There is also a button to switch on the camera with ease manually.

The other best part about the Ring security cameras is their motion detection features.

There are specific in-app settings for these. You can choose to detect the motion of ‘people only’ or ‘all motion.’ This keeps the detection precise and accurate at all times.

There is a slider option, too, if you wish to use a combination of both types of motion. An alert button can be set to remind you when the batteries drain out.

Ring Spotlight Cam employs a common method. It uses bounding boxes onto the camera images to detect motion zones.

Again, it renders you enough control as you can change the shapes of these boxes and secure the odd-shaped outdoors of your house. You can also switch off motion detection at a particular set time of the day.

Along with cameras, you have the option to set motion zones for lights as well.

Apart from this, you can control the display, set the color temperature, dial down the focus areas, etc.

Are you interested in knowing who will be the ultimate winner of the ring spotlight vs floodlight battle? Visit the given link to know the result.

Final Thoughts

Ring claims its security cameras are extremely user-friendly, and while their functionality is just like how they claim, there are a few limitations as well.

Their functions are great but require a subscription of $30 per year, which, in a way, takes control back from you as long as you are unwilling to pay the penny.

Otherwise, Ring Spotlight Cameras are super efficient and effective, with the amazing function of a hawk eye, guarding your outdoors 24/7. If you ask us, then Ring Spotlight Cameras are an absolute choice based on their functionality.

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