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Should I Unplug Inflatables in Yard During Rain?

Should I Unplug Inflatables in Yard During Rain?

Inflatable items work best to decorate yards or lawns throughout the festive seasons. It adds a kind of amusement factor whether you are preparing Halloween decorations or any ceremony decorations. These fun-loaded decor pieces make outdoor areas of your house more inviting.

Inflatables stand out as the most sought-after items for creative holiday outdoor decorations. However, care must be taken with inflatable snowmen, Santa Claus figures, bounce houses, etc., to avoid wear and tear, following the user’s instructional manual closely.

Inflatables are the most popular decor items around the year-end festive seasons. However, inflatable things like snowmen, Santa Claus, bounce houses, etc., and many others must be used per the user instructional manual to avoid any wear and tear to the inflatable items.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to care for and maintain inflatable decor items and discuss if they are safe in different types of weather conditions, mostly in rainy seasons or in winter seasons.

So let’s find out all the information in the following pointers.

How to Install Inflatable Decor Items?

How to Install Inflatable Decor Items?

To set up inflatables for decorating purposes, the first and foremost necessary process is to follow the manual instructions provided by the manufacturer, as they contain tried and tested methods to set up the inflatables. Here, we have described some important tips to guide you along with the user manual.

1. Gather Essential Supplies

When planning to install inflatables, it is necessary first to gather the required equipment so it will consume less time. Moreover, it will be helpful to choose equipment to set up the inflatables according to weather conditions. For instance, extension cords, heavy-duty stakes or metal spikes, plastic rings, anchoring points, exterior-rated screws hammers,s, etc.

2. Check Climatic Condition

Make sure to check on the weather before installing the inflatables. As some regions face heavy rainfall or snowfall, sometimes windy weather can also ruin the inflatable decor very badly. Hence, it would be better to know it firsthand to set the inflatable items more securely so any climatic conditions won’t damage the inflatable pieces.

3. Find the Right Place

Generally, inflatables are very delicate, and they indeed need extra care. Especially if planning to install them in rough places such as hard surfaces, rooftops, or in gardens with spiky plants. So do check and confirm the spot without sharp objects to ensure the inflatables will be safe throughout the usage period.

4. Install Inflatables Carefully

As we discussed in the earlier part of the article, inflatables are very delicate decor pieces. Hence, its installation process should be done with the proper guidelines provided by the manufacturer in its instruction manual to avoid any instant or wear and tear damage to the product. However, these inflatable items are meant for seasonal use purposes, like inflatable water pools, jumping toys for summers, Halloween or Christmas decor items for winters, and so many others.

5. Pack Inflatables After Use

Inflatables are seasonal products, so make sure to pack them up after the usage. This will help in adding longevity to the inflatable so that you can enjoy them for longer periods. Moreover, this way, you can reduce your yearly spending on the same.

The above suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in the inflatable installation and maintenance process. Now, let’s move further and understand what you must follow during heavy climatic conditions to protect the inflatables. Here, we will answer the most asked question: Should I unplug inflatables in yards during rain?

Should I Unplug Inflatables in The Yard During Rain?

Should I Unplug Inflatables in The Yard During Rain?

Well, the answer to this question is that it will be better to unplug your inflatables during rainy seasons. In addition to this, some inflatable manufacturers also recommend unplugging the inflatables during any heavy weather conditions, such as heavy rain, freezing temperatures, or even windy weather.

Even though some inflatable products are made of weather-resistant material, the constant hit of unpleasant climatic changes on the inflatables can destroy them slowly.

So it would be better to inflate them in any heavy weather conditions. Moreover, you will also get the advantage of unplugging them for some time. Here, we have shared the benefits of the same.

Benefits of Deflating the Inflatables

Benefits of Deflating the Inflatables

  • Most of the time, manufacturers advise that inflatables can be operated for up to eight hours daily. So, more than advised functioning hours will reduce the life span of the products. However, deflating for some time will allow rest for the inflatables.
  • As we all know, inflatables run on electricity. If they are constantly in a functional state, then it would make you pay more on your electricity bills, too. So, at night time, they can be unplugged to enjoy them in daylight.
  • Heavy rainfall or freezing temperatures can cause damage to the inflatables. Unplugging the inflatables can help you avoid this damage.

Note – After deflating the inflatables, put them inside the house and properly dry them after cleaning them.


Inflatables are adorable, especially when used for decoration purposes to invite more festive vibes to your place. It adds a kind of fun touch to overall yard decorations with its cute structures. At the same time, inflatables are very delicate and require very gentle handling, too, especially in heavy climatic conditions. So, many people have doubts about the proper handling and caring of the inflatables.

So, in this article, we have shared every important aspect of the same. Here, we have described the cautions while installing an inflatable. Along with this, we have also shared some tips regarding its care and maintenance. The overall information included in this article will let you know more about the inflatable items and their maintenance.

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