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Is the Ring Spotlight Camera Bright Enough?


Creating a suitable light place for photography is a tough job for a photographer.

With the rise in technology, people who are not professionals are also buying cameras like the Ring Spotlight cameras to pursue their hobby or for personal use.

In this case, most people struggle to understand if the camera they are going to buy will create a sufficiently bright light effect for their beautiful moment capturing.

No worries. We have compiled this post to help you understand more about the Ring spotlight camera brightness, a little comparison about the Ring spotlight vs floodlight, and other crucial things you need to know.

So keep reading if you want to know more about the brightness of the ring spotlight camera.

Ring Spotlight Camera

a camera with two lamps mounted on wall

The ring spotlight camera comes with a built-in lighting feature.

The Ring spotlight camera manufacturers provide separate versions according to the different light models, from the wired spotlight cam, spotlight cam mounted, and spotlight battery.

The spotlight battery model of the ring spotlight camera is 300 lumens.

Four LED lights are on each side of the camera from the top, bottom, left, and right.

Brightness Level of Ring Spotlight Camera

a ring camera mounted on a wall

Regarding the brightness, the light is not as sufficient as expected. But it doesn’t mean that the brightness of the light is on the much darker side.

The light and brightness are fainter than the lamp light commonly used for the outdoors. The ring spotlight camera has a simple LED strip with a minimum number of lumens.

When you see it in terms of the numerical data, the widely used unit for the measurement of the light brightness is the Lumens, which tells the intensity and brightness of the light.

The brightness of the light, depending on the device, is the visible spectrum of the Light output from a device.

The brightness of Rings’s spotlight camera is less than the glow that you can see on a 6-watt LED light. The six to seven-watt LED light emanates from the 400 to 500 lumens of the light.

Meanwhile, the light brightness of the Ring spotlight camera is around 300 to 375 lumens. So you can see that it is much fainter compared to the small 6-watt LED light.

When taking the real ground facts, some of the energy of a bulb or LED light is consumed in the power source and set. So, the above data is only for the rough estimation.

Spotlight Cam battery models of the Ring Spotlight camera gas the 300 lumens brightness level for the LED strips setup.

Meanwhile, the Spotlight cam wired and Spotlight cam mount has a light brightness level of 375 lumens.

Light Functionality of The Ring Spotlight Camera

When it comes to the purpose of the Ring spotlight camera, which is capturing the moments, the brightness and light are sufficient to help you capture the images and moments in a clear view.

So the built-in light is sufficient for its main purpose. The only limitation of the ring spotlight camera brightness is that you cannot consider this light as the real light compared to the lamp. So for that much light, you will need the lamp itself.

The light is insufficient to give the lamp-like glow, but it still works better and stands out in many things. Here are some features that make the Ring spotlight camera a good option.

The image quality of the Ring spotlight camera is great. The features, like motion detection and two-way talk, make it an incredible and safer option. The light is enough to guide you when you seek a path in the dark street while walking outside.

Real and Personal Experience of Ring Spotlight

a hand holding ring security camera

Regarding the real-life experiences of the Ring spotlight camera light, slightly different from the idea data, the brightness difference of the various models isn’t too much, despite having lumens levels of 300 and 375.

Some people think that 375 lumens is brighter than according to the numbers. But the happening of the reality is different.

The Wireless connection of the Ring spotlight cam is 375 lumens, and it will need a power outlet instead of a rechargeable battery, which will consume some of the power. The installation process is longer, and you can’t use it with the Ring solar panel.

So, the Spotlight Battery model is more convenient despite only 300 lumens light intensity level.

Compared to the Ring Floodlight, the brightness level of the ring spotlight camera is too low.

The Ring Floodlight has a light brightness of 1800 lumens, approximately four to six times more than the brightness levels of various models’ Ring Spotlight cameras.

Final Thoughts

Every camera with built-in features like the ring spotlight comes with a purpose to serve the specific problem so that people don’t have to buy the things additionally.

Understanding your needs regarding camera usage and how much light will be enough for you, depending upon factors like artificial light, natural light, and the place where you are capturing the photoshoot, will decide it for you.

This post shows you if the ring spotlight camera is bright enough to help you decide whether it is for you.

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