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Selecting the Right Switchboard for Your Home


A switchboard is the backbone of the electrical installation in your home. If your switchboard fails, then you might need to consider switchboard upgrades Auckland.

What are some of the reasons that you may need to upgrade the switchboard in your home?

  • Renovations

One of the reasons people consider switchboard upgrades Auckland is when they want to do some upgrades. Perhaps you’re adding a new storey, new bathroom, new room, renovating your kitchen and even the enclosed patio, as these have a direct impact on the previous wiring of your home. If you choose not to upgrade your switchboard, you are bound to face issues with overload circuits, dimmed lights, and in the worst-case scenario, a fire.

  • Upgrading appliances

Upgrading appliances is also another crucial reason why a lot of people consider switchboard upgrades Auckland. Perhaps you might have had to replace an oven, cooktop, hot water service, your air conditioner or you are planning to bring some greenery to your house by installing diy tower garden or any other plant or flower pot. If you need to change from using a small appliance to a larger one, your switchboard might need an upgrade.

Switchboard upgrades Auckland does not only revolve around electronics. You can consider working on the lighting in your rooms or even added fans. All these add to the load your switchboard is required to handle.

Other signs that you might need to consider Switchboard upgrades Auckland include:

  • When welcoming pets into an existing home
  • When welcoming babies into an existing home
  • Buying an existing home without a safety switch
  • When your current home doesn’t possess a safety switch
  • When your home still has fuses
  • If you are experiencing dimming lights
  • If some of your appliances are always tripping the power
  • In the event, you are turning your house into a rental or an Air BnB.

Selecting the right switchboard for your home

  • Electrical standards and safety

Your safety and that of your loved one should be among the paramount aspects. Switchboards control the entire electrical system of your home. There is need to understand the specifications and details of what will best work. The right and professional will let you in on the best switchboard upgrades Auckland in your home since they know what is required. Ensure to pick a device that surpasses all the safety requirements of your premises.

  • Ideal location

Switchboard upgrades Auckland require designated places for set up. The room chosen as the switchboard location should be well ventilated and spacious. It is also critical that you restrict unauthorized entry to this room to avoid any hazards and accidents.

  • Efficiency and functionality

Before getting a switchboard upgrade, you need to consider its efficiency and functionality. An efficient switchboard can operate effectively under unforeseen circumstances. For example, a generator must automatically run immediately in the event of a power outage any time of day or night. The functionality and efficiency of the switchboard go hand in hand.

To make your switchboard user-friendly, you can consider color-coding on your devices. Using varying colors for control functions can be more effective in comparison to using marks and labels. It is also critical to use switches that contain an interlock mechanism to keep the entire system from control failures.

    • Reliable brand

When looking for switchboard upgrades Auckland, you want to choose quality. Always go for a switchboard from a reputable brand because it means that they have surpassed all safety and quality standards.

A qualified electrician can come in handy in providing you with the best brands to choose from. You can also consult your trusted family members and friends as they can guide you on some of the best brands. The best switchboard brand will offer you good service and even long warranty periods for your electronic devices.

  • Installation and maintenance

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate switchboard, you should consider an expert or installation. Switchboard upgrades Auckland require to be done by an expert as they will follow all the safety precautions.

During purchase, ensure to read all the terms and conditions of the warranty. And the maintenance services offered by the switchboard company. The best switchboards are reliable and can serve you for many years.

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