How to Use a Snow Blower?

How to Use a Snow Blower

Snow blower is snow removing equipment that you will obviously bring to use when you are surrounded by snowfall for a long time. The heavy snowfalls that cover roads and backyards are not that appreciable and that is when you use this equipment. There are other alternatives as well but we know what is best for you based on the user-friendly and effectiveness of the equipment.

Initially, it might look like a big investment but eventually, you will realize that it is all worth it. Especially when you want to pull out the car to go for a drive with your kin and kith once snowfall gets under control.

How to Use the Snow Blower?

Well Planned is Half Done

The best way to start on with clearing with the snow is to develop a plan that will ease the execution. First things first, using a snowblower is equivalent to using a lawnmower. Work on the direction of throwing the snow, make sure you are not throwing it towards vehicles, homes, or people.

Instead, you can discharge the snow on either one side or both the sides of the driveaway, this way it will not be a problem for others. Similarly, avoid throwing snow on the streets in order to make a safe driving lane for motorists and such other riders.

Beware of the breeze and wind. A light fluke can create a big disaster for you. It can potentially ruin the efforts that you did to clear the snow. Here is a little tip to avoid mishaps, if you are staying in an inclined area, place some flags or signboards to avoid accidents.

Prepare Yourself Better

Make sure that you are well prepared for the operation to use the particular snowblower. Read the manual carefully and follow the instructions strictly. Each device has its own way of working and it is always better to learn about it before using it.

Ensure that your equipment has enough fuel like oil or gas depending upon the need of your snowblower. If the equipment has any workwear demands then making sure you have purchased the same.

It’s Time to Take the Action

Now that you have planned and learned everything about the equipment, it is the right time to put the snowblower to use. As mentioned earlier, get ready with necessary workwear like glasses before you go ahead and use the device. Set the equipment to snow thrower and position it for the first pass.


Engage the device by moving it forward and allowing the auger lever to throw the snow forward or wherever you think is appropriate. Once the chute is full, discharge the same and reset it for another pass. Continue with adjusting controls and clearing the snow.

Take Good Care of your Equipment

You have already used the snowblower enough and snowfall season is over. Don’t just keep it in the corner of your house or garage and if you will make sure you keep it after wrapping it up properly so that you don’t have to make the same investment again in another season. Here are some tips –


  • Change the oil and check on other parts for cracks
  • Check the cables, levers and clutches.
  • Repaint the rustic areas and you can apply wax for better protection
  • To reduce the clogging, wax the inside of a chute.
  • Lubricate the necessary parts. Check the use manual for same.
During the Season
  • To avoid the gas leakage, make sure you are using the snowblower with a stabilizer
  • To prevent the equipment from rusting, wipe it properly after every use.
  • Check the belts and tighten any loose bolts.

Off-season Storage

  • Don’t forget to drain the fuel after the final use. In the case of gas, you can use a syphon to remove the same from tank.
  • Wipe the machine properly with a wet towel or something like that to prevent salt stains later.
  • Don’t forget to use the fogging oil to protect the internal parts of the engine so that you can use it for a longer period and avoid the snowblower not starting.

Seems like maintaining the machine is not an on-time job. Maintain it properly and enjoy the benefits for a longer period.

Some Safety Measures

  • Never try to unclog the machine with your hands even if you are wearing gloves. Use a cleaning chute tool or long wooden handle like broom to unclog the machine.
  • Always protect your eyes while operating the snowblower. Don’t make the mistake of using loose clothing or an unwrapped scarf.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the rotating parts of the machine
  • Take caution because of course, the floor is going to be slippery.
  • Before you refuel the engine, make sure that the engine is completely cooled down.
  • If you are using a gas-powered snow blower, to avoid the release of carbon monoxide exposure in the garage avoid starting the engine in the garage.
  • Keep both hands on the snowblower while you are operating the machine and never leave it unattended or else you can face the difficulty.


Snow blower is a good investment if you know how to use it and maintain it or else you can wait until the snow melts off. Check the reviews before investing in one and easily compare the prices on online sites. Keep browsing for more such articles.

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