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Ring Spotlight Cam Vs Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam VS Ring Floodlight Cam

In the Era of modernization and close circuit television (CCTV) cameras, it is always a topic of debate to choose a camera between the two most effective cameras i.e., Ring spotlight camera V/S Ring Floodlight Camera.

The consumer always felt the dilemma choosing between these two cameras; there are various features that are almost the same in-ring spotlight cam and ring floodlight cam and many features that are present in one and lacking in another.

The choice is always tough between these two, like the price, advantages, and disadvantages are minimal between both the cameras. To choose rationally, the buyer should focus on their needs and wants, and then after recognizing their needs, they should conclude the decision for going either for ring spotlight cam or for ring floodlight cam.

To conclude the ring spotlight vs. ring floodlight cam battle here is the rational comparison on core features:

1.  Installation

The installation process is different in both ring spotlight and ring floodlight cam. As floodlight has 2 lights connected to it, it needs more power, and it needs to be wired with proper connection to get installed; on the other hand, the ring spotlight cam does not require much energy, and it can be operated by the batteries.

Due to working on batteries, the ring spotlight camera is easy to install, and the buyer can install it themselves. The floodlight camera is a bit complicated to install as compared to a spotlight camera as it must be wired, but the installation is a onetime process for this camera rather than a spotlight camera which needs to change batteries on an average time of 6 months.

2.  Power Source

The power source can also be considered in the battle of Ring spotlight cam v/s Ring floodlight cam. The ring floodlight cam needs more power due to its 2 big floodlights attached with a camera, so it is normally operated with wired connections with the help of electricity.

Power Source

The ring spotlight camera needs very little power than the floodlight camera as its light is small and uses less power. Hence, the spotlight camera has power sources with the help of batteries which have an average life of 6months. Still, it also has a variation in the power generated through solar panels, which can be added as a specification while buying or can be purchased later separately.

3.Light Capacity

The comparison of light capacity in Ring spotlight cam v/s Ring floodlight cam is the main factor that makes a huge difference between both the cameras. The ring spotlight camera has a medium size light which most of the time is not capable of visualizing a wide range in the nighttime.

On the other hand, the floodlight camera has one of the best night visualizing ranges; as the name suggests, it has 2 big size floodlights attached on its top. It gives enough light beam to the wide-area for clear camera vision.

. Light Capacity

On comparing, the ring spotlight has output 300-375 lumens maximum & the ring floodlight has an output of 1800 lumens maximum. The buyer who needs to cover more area and needs more protection at nighttime should go for floodlight cam, and if a buyer needs a normal camera and the emphasis is at daytime, they should go for a spotlight camera.

4.Shape of Body

The shape of the body and the area required for fitting is also a small but crucial difference in the battle of the Ring spotlight camera v/s Ring floodlight camera. The shape of the ring spotlight camera is rectangular in shape into which light is being attached to the camera within the rectangular frame itself, and the ring floodlight camera is the extension of the ring spotlight camera.

Floodlight camera also has a rectangular shape, but two floodlights are attached above the rectangular body. The buyer should consider that the floodlight camera needs more space than that of the spotlight space due to the floodlights attached. The floodlight camera is a little bigger in size as compared to the spotlight camera.

Floodlight camera

5.Angles and Coverage

The angles in both the ring spotlight camera and the ring floodlight camera are the same as both the cameras are having the same angle of 1400 so there is no difference in the coverage in terms of angles.

The coverage of a ring floodlight camera at night is more than that of a ring spotlight camera due to its high-power floodlights. It is lighter in the dark and has more clarity and more coverage at night, but the coverage is almost the same in the daytime.

The buyer who needs clear vision at night should consider the ring floodlight camera, but if the buyer does not need special emphasis at night, they can consider any of them.

6.Effectiveness & Price

The effectiveness and the video quality of both ring spotlight and ring floodlight camera are the same, i.e., 1080p. Still, there is a price variation that a buyer can consider in the battle of Ring spotlight v/s Ring floodlight camera. The ring spotlight costs around 350$(with little difference based on place) for two cameras.

Whereas the ring floodlight camera costs around 400$(with little difference based on place) for two cameras, but the service subscription costs the same for both the cameras, a rational buyer will go with ring spotlight camera due to a bit lesser price if he/ she has no special emphasis on light and nighttime.

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