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How to Use a Pogo Stick: Instructions and Safety Tips

Pogo Stick for Kids

To all those looking for something exciting, a pogo stick is the option. Be it a kid or youngster, move ahead with the trend and bring home the Pogo stick.

Using a Pogo stick can be tricky initially, but once you master it, you will get the kick.

What is a Pogo Stick?

It is a spring device for jumping off the ground in a standing position, mostly used as a toy, exercise equipment, or sports instrument. Interestingly, the popularity of this toy has led to a sport named ‘Xpogo’ or Extreme Pogo.

Interested in knowing more about it? Let us give you a hand in understanding this fun thing.

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Learn How to Jump

Now that you have moved ahead of safety measures and are well-versed with the machine, let us get to the jumping mode.

  • Go Slow and Steady: Do not hurry when trying to jump using the stick. Do not push forward the stick, or you will have to face issues while jumping or might even stick.
  • Going Opposite Will Keep You Safe: In case you start to fall in another direction, lean your body away towards another direction. But make sure you do not lean too hard as you might fall over and start going in circles.

Try Doing Tricks

Once you have learned how to jump, you might wish to try the tricks or stunts but make sure you do not hurt yourself.

  • Access your Capability:Do not come under the influence of the videos posted by experts and start doing any complicated stunts. Go with the flow, access your ability, and only try any stunt if you are confident about it.
  • Try Foot Movements: Take baby steps by using just one foot while jumping. Once you set the rhythm, you may take off one of your feet which does not dominate.
  • Keep Hands Off Another basic trick to use while jumping is to remove your hands and grip the stick between knees. Once you excel in this part, you may show it off by throwing a basketball using the Pogo stick or juggling balls.

We have more facts for all the curious cats who still have queries regarding the Pogo stick.

What Are Pogo Sticks Made Up of?

The Pogo stick consists of a pole with a handle at the top and footrests near the bottom. It has a spring located somewhere along the pole, which joins the two sections of the pole and bounces.

How High Can It Go?

It is said that Pogo Sticks have been known to clear 8 -7 feet in height. Those who are looking for the best Pogo sticks to try stunts can go for Vertigo.

The Pogo stick comes for all ages, so gifting it to your children will be a great idea. Points to be taken care of when buying a stick for your child are.

  • Age of Child: One must pick a Pogo stick review according to the child’s age. Also, it is recommended not to buy the Pogo stick for kids below elementary education.
  • Height Of the Child: Like elders, it is advisable to choose a Pogo stick considering your child’s height. A taller child will not perform well if you buy them a small Pogo stick.
  • Budget: Kids do not stick to one toy for a long time, so that you can buy them a normal price stick. However, if your kid is persistent in using it for the long run, go for a better and expensive one.

Safety Precautions while using a Pogo Stick.

As we said before, using the Pogo stick can be tricky in starting, so it is advisable to take care of your safety. if you buy the Pogo stick for your kid, then make sure of these points; safety and precautions should be taken seriously.

  • Check it Before Use: Before using the Pogo stick, check it, and if it makes any squeaking sound or is not stable in condition, do not use it.
  • Weight Check: It is said that the weight limit for a Pogo stick is somewhere around 143lbs. If you exceed the weight, you might fall or suffer any injury, so it is suggested to keep the weight in check.
  • Safety Gears:For beginners, it makes sense to use all the safety gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow bands. Also, wear lace-up shoes with rubber soles so that there is no chance to slip or get imbalanced. 
  • Buy the Correct Size:Always pick the Pogo stick considering your height. The incorrect height of the stick might trouble your movement.
  • Balancing Is Important: Like before riding a two-wheeler, you first need to learn to balance; similarly, learning to balance the stick is also very important. Hold the stick firmly and stand in between. Then slowly put your feet on it one by one and carefully make a move.
  • Keep a check on recall notification: Register the product with the manufacturer and keep the receipt. Also, take some pics of your kids using it. In case you have any issue with the product, you can show it and claim a refund.
  • Contact a Lawyer: in case your child gets injured while playing with a pogo stick, get them medical help along with taking a pic of them. Contact the personal injury lawyer to help you proceed further.

How Will Pogo Stick Help Child Growth?

  • Strengthen Motor Skills: Jumping and balancing over the Pogo stick can improve the kids’ athletic ability. Also, it boosts their confidence and makes daily tasks simpler and safer.
  • Keeps Them Fit: Playing with a Pogo stick is a full-body exercise. It strengthens the core and upper body muscles of your children, which leads to better posture.
  • Make Them Self-confident: Mastering the art to jump and bounce on a Pogo stick is no less than an achievement. Hence, if your kid excels in it, then they would feel very confident about themselves.
Liam Andreas
Liam Andreas is a dynamic figure in the world of kinetic sports. With a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science from the University of Florida, his journey began as a coach in extreme sports, where he developed innovative training methods. He has also earned a Master's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas and spent over a decade as a personal trainer specializing in high-impact sports. Apart from work, he is an enthusiastic mountain biker and a volunteer for youth sports programs. Sometimes, he enjoys rock climbing and participating in triathlons as well.

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