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Which Tree is Most Expensive in The World?

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Have you ever thought which tree is the most expensive in the world? Trees are an important part of our planet, providing us with oxygen, shade, and even materials for our homes. But did you know that some trees can be worth a lot?

We’ll find the most expensive trees, from the Agarwood to the humble sandalwood. There are trees out there that are valued for their rare and unique qualities.

These trees are often used to make luxurious furniture, fragrant perfumes, or even as traditional remedies. Many people really want these special trees, so their prices have risen.

We’ll learn the reasons behind their high value, the industries they support, and their environmental impact. So, let’s start this exciting finding of the world’s priciest trees.

1. Sequoia Tree

A person standing in front of two towering Sequoia trees

Sequoia Bonsai trees are known for being super tall, some growing over 300 feet high. But the Giant Sequoia, which comes from California, is a big deal in making tiny trees called bonsai. Growing a Giant Sequoia tree takes a lot of time and skill.

These small trees can be really old, hundreds of years old, and can sell for a lot of money at auctions. Some have even sold for more than a million dollars, making them some of the priciest trees in the world for their small size. So, Giant Sequoia trees are small but worth high.

2. Agarwood

A serene forest scene with a group of trees, including Agarwood,

Agarwood, also called aloeswood, is a special kind of wood that forms in the Aquilaria tree when it gets sick with a particular type of mold. This sickness makes the tree create a dark, inviting glue. People really want this glue for making nice-smelling things like perfumes, incense, and old-time medicines. They even call agarwood liquid gold because it’s super rare and expensive.

The Aquilaria tree is in trouble, and there are strict rules about cutting it down. That’s why agarwood costs a lot. You can sell the glue for thousands of dollars per kilogram, making the Aquilaria tree one of the most valuable trees in the world because agarwood is so valuable. People are working hard to keep the Aquilaria tree from disappearing. This helps protect both the tree and the liquid gold glue that people really love.


A bottle of Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood is famous for its nice-smelling wood, used for a long time in perfumes, incense, and medicine. These special trees grow in places like India, Australia, and Asia. The best part is the wood, which gets its good smell as the tree ages. Some people cut down too many sandalwood trees, even illegally. This makes real sandalwood hard to find. Because it’s rare, the price is really high.

Just one kilogram can cost a lot of money, making it one of the most expensive woods in the world. So, even though sandalwood smells great and has been used for ages, we must protect the trees to keep them growing.

Bristlecone Pine

Bristlecone Pine tree majestically stands on a rocky hill,

Bristlecone Pines, also known as Pinus longaeva, are really special trees. They aren’t known for being big or pretty but for being incredibly old. You can find them in the White Mountains of California, and some of them have been around for more than 4,000 years, way longer than most things. These trees don’t make money, but they’re super important for science.

Scientists study them to learn about important things like climate change, how nature works, and the passage of time itself. So, even though they don’t give us money, they give us something even more important knowledge. These old trees help us understand our planet better and its history. They remind us that even though they might not be impressive in size or appearance, they play a big role in helping us figure out how the world works.

African Blackwood

A resilient Bristlecone Pine tree thrives on a rocky hill

African Blackwood, also called Dalbergia melanoxylon, is a strong, dark African wood. Musicians and instrument makers use it to craft excellent woodwind instruments, like clarinets and oboes, because it makes music sound terrific. African Blackwood trees grow slowly, and they’re not everywhere. That’s why they’re endangered, which makes African Blackwood even more valuable.

So, it’s a special wood for making beautiful music, but we must protect it so it doesn’t disappear. That way, musicians can keep playing wonderful tunes, and African Blackwood can stay part of our music.

Pink Ivory

small piece of Pink Ivory wood

Pink Ivory is a small tree found in Southern Africa. People love it because its wood is super strong and a lovely pink color. They use it to make expensive furniture, knife handles, and decorations. Finding big pieces of pink ivory wood is really hard. That’s why it’s one of the most costly woods in the world.

Think about how even a small piece of pink ivory can cost a lot, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars for every foot of wood. That’s because there’s not much of it around, and everyone wants it. People love pink ivory because it’s really rare and special. So, if you ever come across something made of pink ivory, you can be sure it’s not just nice but also very valuable.


After finding the expensive trees, we’ve learned that there isn’t just one tree that stands out as the most expensive. Different trees hold different values based on various factors like rarity, age, and demand. The incredibly pricey agarwood tree, the valuable ebony tree, and the sought-after sandalwood tree are just a few examples.

The cost of a tree isn’t just about money. It’s also about the importance of protecting our precious forests and their ecosystems. So, while we can’t point to just one tree as the most expensive, we can appreciate the rich variety of trees that make our planet beautiful and unique.

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