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What are the Dangers of Using Pogo Stick for Kids? 

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Do your children love to play with pogo sticks? Do you often wonder it is not right for them or not? Probably your fear makes sense. Experts say a pogo stick can be dangerous for a kid more than a bicycle.

The thing is that pogo sticks can be a great toy to teach kids balancing. It is not as fast as a bicycle, neither is it as adventurous as skating.

Different categories of pogo sticks are available as per kids’ ages and their balancing levels.

For example, those who are really beginners can go for pogo sticks designed exclusively for elementary age. Such sticks are given with non-slip footpads, extra-wide base, offer the best supports while bouncing, ensures more safety, at the same time, not compromising fun even a bit.

For older kids with average balancing skills, they can go for pogo sticks with wider footholds and sturdy construction to make sure it does not twist or break while jumping.

Those who are experts at balance can go for a traditional pogo sticks review. These pogo sticks are designed for extra fun and adventure.

Bouncing in it is more than the former two types, developing flexibility and coordination of the body to a greater extent. But as usual, with more fun comes chances of more risks too. These are the types of sticks most of the children get affected by.

According to a report in the US, in the year 2010, almost 120 children were injured while using pogo sticks. For most of the cases, the aluminum rivets break and release the spring. Consequently, the users were either scraped or fall. Several pogo sticks from different brands were recalled as a result. But these recalls could not stop the popularity of pogo sticks among kids and their parents.

The reason why pogo sticks are one of the parents’ favorite picks for their kids is maybe due to its less potential risk compared to other available toys in the market. And with certain safety tips, these risks can be avoided too. The safety measures that may avoid the danger of injury to children from pogo sticks may be listed as these-

  • Parents must buy pogo sticks from the trusted brands only. If they buy it from showrooms, all the parts should be checked properly. They even should demand free trials of sticks to make sure those work fine. If it is an online purchase, then go for the reviews and ratings of the other buyers. That helps for a safe and a value for money buy.
  • Children must wear a helmet while playing with pogo sticks, and even if they fell from it, the helmet may save them from additional injuries.

While taking care of the above-mentioned measures, we can give children injury-free happiness and lots of fun.

After all, it is their happiness we only care for.

Liam Andreas
Liam Andreas is a dynamic figure in the world of kinetic sports. With a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science from the University of Florida, his journey began as a coach in extreme sports, where he developed innovative training methods. He has also earned a Master's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas and spent over a decade as a personal trainer specializing in high-impact sports. Apart from work, he is an enthusiastic mountain biker and a volunteer for youth sports programs. Sometimes, he enjoys rock climbing and participating in triathlons as well.

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